Proposed changes to Title/Author header in ChoiceScript

I’m considering making some (more) changes to how the title and author header appears in ChoiceScript games.

How the header works today

When you open a game in ChoiceScript on our website or on Dashingdon, the title and author of the game is always visible at the top of the screen, like this:

But we don’t show that header in our apps (for iOS, Android, and Steam). On those platforms, we hide the header. (Except on Steam, where we just show the line of buttons.)

Below is an example of our iOS app and our Android app. We figured that showing the title and author on every page on a small screen would crowd out the text.

And here’s the Steam app, with no title/author in the header, but with the line of buttons.

Up until last month, we did show the title/author header in our Steam apps, all the time. But I removed it while I was working on improving our apps on Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck’s screen is only 3.7" tall, so I thought I’d remove the title and author header there, partly because the Steam Deck is kinda like a “mobile” device, but also because it felt weird to show the title and author on every screen in a Steam app, even on a full-size monitor. It made our Steam app feel “webby” to me.

However, we heard feedback here on the forum that folks liked seeing the title/author in Steam apps, so I went back to the drawing board. Here’s what I came up with.

Desktop Web: Full header always visible

No changes planned here.

iOS/Android Apps: Title and author in the text, on the first page only

In all of our apps, we’ll now show the title and author in the text of the game, on the first page. (This can be weird in games like Heroes Rise, below, where the first page itself includes the title and author.) When you go on to the next page, the title and author will no longer be directly visible.

Steam Apps: Like mobile apps, but also include title and author in Menu screen

Title and author in the text on the first page:

… but not on the second page

This screenshot shows the title and author on the menu screen.

There is no Menu screen on iOS/Android apps

Note that mobile apps don’t have an in-game “Menu” screen like Steam + web do. Thus, there’s no way to put the title and author on the Menu screen of iOS/Android apps.

  • Our all-in-one omnibus apps have a “Settings” tab, outside any particular game. But you can always see the title and author for a game along the way to opening the game.
  • Standalone iOS apps each have a Home screen, which is a menu.
  • Standalone Android apps have a pop-up menu, like this:

Mobile Web: Like Steam app, with mini-title always visible in header

  • Added a mini-title above the buttons, always visible, so you can orient yourself if you just opened the page/tab
  • Title and author in the text, on the first page (like the other apps)
  • Also include title and author on Menu screen (like Steam apps)

What do you think?

Do these screenshots strike the right balance, including the title and author enough to be visible, but not so much as to be annoying?


As a person who plays almost exclusively via mobile app, I like the idea of the title and author on the first page. Sure, it looks a little weird on games that already have a “title page,” but there are a lot more games that don’t, some of which don’t even have chapter headings. When the story begins in medias res, I often have to restart to be sure that really is the beginning rather than somewhere in the middle of a playthrough I never finished. This new feature would do away with that issue.

Although this isn’t an issue for me anymore since I play in the omnibus, I would also have appreciated this feature when I was still playing individual mobile apps for making it easier to know who the authors were. I almost never knew the names of individual authors for the first few years that I was a fan.


I’m glad I’m not the only one with that problem!

Regarding headers, why do I remember that I had to scroll up for the header to appear, instead of it being on top of the page by default? (Or rather, it was on top, but out of view.) I thought that was nifty, and it didn’t take space unless you did scroll it to view. Or did I dream that up?


(For reference, I use the iOS app, so this answer is based on that)

I definitely wouldn’t mind showing the title on the first page, but it would get annoying if it was on every page. I already know what game I’m playing, I don’t need to be reminded

You’re remembering it correctly! As for me, I wouldn’t mind the title showing up when the header is pulled out. Though there isn’t a lot of real estate to work with

So basically, I think there’s a way for you to make something like that work. Though I don’t think you need to, and it could get annoying if done badly

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Thank you for the various proposals!
I play mostly on Steam and on the website, for reference.

After trying the new layout for almost a month, I think that this way the Steam app feels more an app, as you pointed out. Differentiating it from the desktop web worked pretty well in that regard.
I also like the idea of the title and author on the menu screen for Steam, because if you don’t remember the author you can quickly check it with only a glance, while now you have to open the credits in a web browser.

I have the same problem too and that would definitely solve it!

That’s a good option for mobile web, even if it uses a bit of the screen it helps orientating yourself if you enter/exit multiple times from that tab.

On a side note, since we’re discussing layout, to be honest I don’t really like the footer in the website with the links to Steam, AppStore, GooglePlay and Amazon with their logos…since I’ve already bought the game and I’m in my account, would it be possible to remove them? I prefer the neater appearance of the other platforms on this aspect, I find it less experience-breaking and that footer can be a bit hefty on the long run.

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I realise this is not planned, but while we are thinking about changes, I would love the option to also remove the header from the web app. I find it takes up too much screen space, even on my desktop.

I know you can simply leave *title and *author undefined but I’m not sure whether this causes other problems?

My 2c worth.

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I was one of those who said that I was sorry to see the author’s name go, so I guess I should weigh in. :laughing:

I play via Steam on a laptop, so having the title/author in every page was never an inconvenience for me. I also suck at names, so it was really useful for me to have the author’s name in every screen to really hammer it in. THAT SAID, I understand that the smaller screen of the Steam Deck makes that a huge spacehog and makes that situation… well, not untenable, but super-inconvenient for users. As such, I think the solution you came up with for Steam apps is a good compromise between author visibility and user-friendliness.


Would it be possible to have a “setting” in the “settings menu” for the Steam version to switch from “Desktop Web” and “Steam Deck” versions?

I actually enjoy “webby” interfaces.

Having the information in the menu screen is much appreciated, so thank you for not forcing me to exit the steam game and go to a “credits” web-page.

Because you show the menu screen, I am reminded of something … is it possible to have an “increase type size multiplier” (eg. x2, x3, x4) so I can change to my preferred type size without adding 9+ button clicks?


I think the title and author being present in the menu is perfect, it gives the right amount of interface I’d want and expect.

It only concerns me, that the menu is not available on Ios and android, so perhaps a compromise would be to put it at the top of the stats screen?


I second this! I actually enjoy having the title and author up top (as someone that rarely plays on mobile). That being said, however, I totally understand that space is a thing and that certain concessions might have to be made. This does seem like a good compromise.