Changing the title

I have the title set in the index. During the start of the game the player will assign a case name. I would like to add the case name to the title. Any thoughts on how it might be done.

Not sure. I think you may be able to use “*title (title)” later in the game, but it might only work at the beginning of the “startup.txt” like “*create”.

I thought of using *title Name of game ${var} then set the var in my game.js. but unless you looped back to the begging the var would never show the change. I don’t believe you can reuse *title again.

No you cant that give you a error title only display at begin of startup, or something like that i have a similar problem.

Does *title have to come first or can you a *label above it. If so then I could

*label top
*title Game name ${var}

*if check_1
 *goto continue_story
 *goto start

unfortunately I cannot test this theory for several hours as my phone does not like running anything from Dropbox

no you cant i try at first it has to be first code in startup to work

thanks @MaraJade :slight_smile:

You’ll find people won’t look at the title much, or at all in the case of apps.

It was just a minor thought, you know how I get over creative at times. Lol I did some looking and it is feesiable with js, but that would require a mod of the main code. So in the end have dropped the idea. But thanks :slight_smile:

Feasible? It’s a little bit more than feasible
You wouldn’t need to edit anything, just use the *script command:

*script document.title = "New Title"; :-"

Thanks ever so much for the tireless help.