"Invalid Title Instruction" Error

So, I tried to make a simple game with Choicescript, just as a test. I copied the format of the sample startup.txt, and put it into a new folder, along with a copy of index.html and mygame.js. However, every time I reach the end of the choices offered in startup.txt, it gives me an error that says “invalid title instruction, only allowed at the top of startup.txt.”

How do I fix this?


*title: This command sets the title of the game. It must be used at the top of startup.txt, along with *create and *scene_list.

I’ve tried deleting the comments, which is basically just the copyright and license paragraphs, and moving *title to the top of startup.txt. It still gives me that error.

I’m not familiar with the *title command, but I’m gonna assume that somewhere in your file, the aforementioned *title is lurking. Just delete/move it to the top of your startup chapter.