Help Please!


I need help with changing the title of my game! It is not explained on the website. Help would be appreciated. :!! ASAP


Open index.html and search for:
<div id="header"><h1 class="gameTitle">Untitled Choice</h1>

Change “Untitled Choice” to whatever you want your title to be.


Edit: beat me to it. :slight_smile:


Sorry ^^’

You’ll also want to change these two parts:

`Untitled Choice



Thank you!


I changed those things in the HTML but whenever I try to access it, it says: “Permission denied”


That won’t be anything to do with those lines of code. You must have changed something else.


I think it might be the way my computer is saving it, are there other options/settings I should be aware of?


Make sure your file ends in .html or .htm. Permission denied usually means Choicescript can’t find the page.