'setStartingStatsClone' error

So, whenever I try to load my game with the index.html file it comes up with an error message: “Unable to get property ‘setStartingStatsClone’ of undefined or null reference”. This is quite a big problem, as I cannot load my game, but I don’t see anything wrong with any of my files. Can anybody help?

EDIT: Also, when I try and press ‘Show Stats’ it says: “Unable to get property sceneName of undefined or null reference” does anyone know about this? I have checked, and cannot find anything wrong with the files, again.

New problem: Also, when trying to load index.html to test out my game, it says ‘permission denied’ and refuses to load. None of the original problems are yet fixed, so any solutions would be welcome!

@Redgrave Did you first ‘unblock’ the ChoiceScript .zip file before extracting?

@Redgrave - the permission denied error should be solved by unblocking the choicescript.zip as suggested by @Vendetta. Re the original error, it might be helpful to post the contents of mygame.js (if the problem isn’t solved by unblocking that is).

@Vendetta @bawpie

Thanks! The permission denied error is fixed, and, after a solid half-hour of playing around and re-downloading ChoiceScript a few times, I managed to fix the other errors! :smiley:

What’s this? What’s this?

Errors everywhere

What’s this? What’s this?

That’s shouldn’t have been there!

Re the original error, it might be helpful to post the contents of mygame.

@AngeloOdom it’s fixed now, I think it was to do with mygame.js anyway, but knowing me it could have been anything! Thanks though :slight_smile: