'Permission Denied' error help!

I have been creating a game using choice script and was looking at the choicescript_stats page and changed a few of the names of the variables, then I went to try it out on the web index page and it said permission denied. I dont know why this happened and would really appreciate help with this.

I have realised that if I save my code I can then re-download Choice script and then can simply paste on my code and thus continue with the programming. If there is another way just tell me but if there isnt I can very simply just do that.

I don’t understand, did you change the variables in the mygame.js file?

I actually just re-downloaded ScriptChoice and now works fine now, thanks for the potential help though.

I’ve been experiencing this same issue. I edit the mygame.js file to include my new scenes but it always says “Permission Denied”. The only way I can get it to work (just like Peter above) is to redownload Choice Script and edit the existing scenes with my code. The problem with this is that my story is much more complex, so I can only add the first few scene, then I’m back to “Permission Denied”.

Can someone please advise? Am I missing some additional command needed to introduce a new scene effectively?


I’ve never myself encountered this particular problem and I really have no idea what might be causing it. However, there is certainly no additional command needed to introduce a new scene effectively (or, if there is, I’ve neither seen it nor needed it).

I’m trying to think of what I might be doing differently to have (so far?) avoided this worrying problem, and only two possibilities spring to mind:

a) When first I downloaded ChoiceScript I didn’t edit the original files at all. I copied the entire \mygame folder, pasted it under \web and renamed it (vendetta1 in my case). I did this just to preserve a copy of the originals for reference, but basically it means I’m not developing under the actual \mygame folder and maybe that makes a difference in this case . . . or maybe not.

b) The only other thing I can think of is that Vendetta does not really use the *finish command and so does not rely on the mygame.js scene list, at all (even though I do list the main scene files there, just for conformity’s sake). Because I have a Game Progress Save thing, and regular access to a Weekly Events thing in a separate scene file, all routing in the game is closely controlled with the *goto_scene command, never just *finish to use the mygame.js scene list for default routing. Maybe that makes a difference?

Of course it’s also entirely possible that I’ve simply been lucky so far and it’s only a matter of time before I’m also experiencing this strange (and no doubt, very frustrating) error . . . Please let me know if either of the above seem to help at all, just for peace of mind.

I had the same problem, not being able to add new scenes. I tried Vendetta’s suggestion of copying the mygame folder and renaming it. Now I am able to add new scenes.

Wait, I was wrong. It stopped working.