Permission denied error help (Resolved)


I am currently working on my first game. I have gotten the initial variables set up for gender and name. I double checked frequently to make sure everything was working and it has gone pretty well. I have been adding some general dialogue, and now out of nowhere, I am getting this Permission Denied error. I have not changed anything except adding this dialogue. I have deleted the dialogue to the last line that it worked properly, and I am still getting the same error.

I have googled it and looked over past topics all over this forum and those don’t seem to have the answer for my problem or the advice has thus been outdated with the new Windows.

Perhaps it is the browser you are using? Are you using Chrome?

Normally if you do a search you can find the answer here, such as:

I have heard of the error a few times, normally a fresh download solves the problem.

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@ToxicDreams, no, I am in Internet Explorer. I have upgraded to Windows 10 which now includes Microsoft Edge as well, but neither of those or even Chrome work. I have tried them all. I get different errors when pulling it up on Edge or Chrome.

@Lordirish, yeah I did search and ran across that. I did not change any variables like that poster did, though, so my problem is will I have to redownload every couple of added lines? And do we know what causes this?

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Not that I have seen, it happens every so often, but never encountered it myself.

Firefox is the best to work from off line or you can use online.

Well, I just did a fresh download :pensive: and same problem.

Sorry to hear this you might try

*Edit After doing some reading it is commonly believe that it is being put in to a read only and by unblocking before you unzip should, mind you should, resolve the problem.

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Hmm, well I thought I had done that before, but perhaps I was wrong. At any rate, after like the fourth download, it is back up and working. Thank you for your assistance!

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Well I was just happy to point you in the right direction, happy writing. :smile:

Changed the title to show it is resolved.