Text Effects


I’ve searched a few times here for how an author can bold, italicize or even enlarge the text within a script. I’ve tried the few things I came across and got nothing. I’ve been playing with CS not as interactive fiction, but as a learning tool- more like an interactive lecture. I’ve gotten a few basics down, and the text effects would really be useful to me. I can do with just a single effect (like bold) but would like to have three- a headline (larger) text, a bold text, and an italic text.

I’ve played with CSS and JS some- if one of you helpful folk can point me to where I need to look, I’ll play with it on my own. If I come up with anything, I’ll post it back here.



Use in ChoiceScript TEXT for italic and TEXT for bold, stuff that will show up only in the game, but for within the script, I honestly have no idea (but when using Notepad++, you can put certain “headlines”, to mark certain lines of code which you want, so that when you scroll, you see the line marked on the left; just click on the line number in the left side in the script).


Thanks @AlexCosarca! I’ve looked through the documentation, and I seem to feel that’s a sore spot… What’s the best way to get a complete list of commands, etc. in the official version of ChoiceScript? I know new ones will be added, so where do those get announced? I’m somewhat “old school”- I like having the terms in a glossary of sorts to look up when I need to…


@Govmiller, if you look in the scene.js JavaScript file in the web directory, a list of all valid CS commands can be gleaned from the code at the end of the file. But you won’t find the details for the commands there. If the details aren’t listed in the online documentation on the Choice of Games site, then you pretty much have to figure them out by looking at the JavaScript. I still don’t know how the *save_game instruction is supposed to work.


usually, above every command’s code in scene.js there’s some comment written (marked with “//”), where you can find what does what. If not, you can look at the online documentation, as @eposic said, and if they’re not there, I have no idea…