Choice Script Questions


I just had two quick questions about Choice Script I was wondering if anyone could help with.

1- I was wondering how to italicize my words in notepad so they appear italicized online in my index.

2- When I view the work I have put online in my index. All of the " " and ’ appear in a black diamond with a question mark in the middle. I was wondering if there was any way to fix this.

Thank you!

  1. I think italics are
 [i] text here [/i]
  1. Not sure. Have you looked at


In your game write Hello here in forum sustitue [] with ‹› use b instead i to bold. Read the choicescript wiki for further info.

Igot no idea second one i never have similar problem could be your pc problem



@FairyGodfeather @MaraJade

Thank you for the help! I’ll just have to play around with the second issue.


When I open index.html with firefox it replaces every ", ', ^, ´, etc. with a black diamond with a ? in it, but when I upload it to Dropbox the problem dissapears. Maybe index.html doesn’t support these characters.

(Do I make any sense?..)


In relation to the diamonds:


@Aquila @CJW

Thank you both for the help! I believe now the problem was that I transfered it from word first.


I feel rather dumb for asking, but I have a new problem now. I am having problems establishing stats on the stat screen such as “leadership and such” I’ve looked at the tutorials, but I still need some help.