Quotation Marks

Why do quotation marks show as a square box when I test run my game?

Are you on a mac? also what program are you using to code?

Most likely you’re using a font that isn’t recognized in CSS or Java. You need to write your code in a web-editor program (Dreamweaver, etc.), or you can simply use Notepad. That’s happened to me a lot too, I just had to use a safe font. Hyphens and apostrophes are also going to come up as boxes when you use unrecognized type.

Hope this helps!

Specifically, a lot of word processors (e.g Microsoft Word) will automatically turn straight quotes into curly quotes – and the latter isn’t recognised by ChoiceScript.

I’m on WIN and using Notepad

Will have to check the font but I think it’s San serif. I usually don’t choose other types.

Correct, curly quotes are AKA “smart quotes.” CS txt files should have “dumb quotes” in them.

Right on Mary, I see where I did the drafts in WORD and then copied to Notepad I need to retype the quotations.

@Spindraft I don’t know if it will help you but I tell pretty much everyone I see mentioning working in notepad that you could also try notepad++ as it works a lot more easy then the normal notepad when writing code.

It’s free, helpful with the spacing, possible to get spellcheck on it (spellcheck is still better in word but still) shows you the linenumber which is helpful with finding mistakes and I’m sure there are a ton more things I haven’t found out.

Hope it helps.


Yes, I have Note ++. It seems like the first time I tried to use it for the scene files the game could or would not run them. Will look at it again.

There is at trick in notepad that allows you to find/replace quotation marks that are curly and switching them to the safe-straight kind that is websafe.

It takes a little bit of copy/paste technique, but it’s worth it if you have a huge script file.

Highlight the left quotation
go to edit>replace
put the left quotation that is curly and then simply type in a left quotation in the replace with field.

This should replace all of the curly left quotations with the right kind.
Repeat the process for the curly right quotations, as well as apostrophes and hyphens.

Hope this helps!