Question about quotation marks and accents that appear as squares with a question mark in them

Hi, I have a quick question. Why is it that quotation marks ( " ) and things like ( á or ë ) show up as squares with a question mark in them. (See link for example).

I would like to use quotation marks if it is possible, as well as accents and accent graves.

Oh and a second question, is there a way to have text appear bold, or in italics?

this text would be bold
this text would be in italics

The question/quotation thing is an encoding error, likely to do with your machine and/or server your hosting your files on. It could also be an error to do with incorrect compression or extraction.

I cannot open the “index” file with Chrome or with Opera. The squares with question marks thing happens with Firefox. With Internet Explorer I get rectangles.

As far as I know the “index” file is on my desktop, not hosted on some server or something like that. Is there a way to solve the problem, so that quotation marks, á, ë and so forth will appear?

And thanks for the help with boldifying and italics!

What operating system are you on? Some versions of windows I presume?

As far as quotes go, if you use “smart”/curved quotation marks, you’ll get the error you described. Basic/straight quotation marks should go through fine.

No idea how it’s possible to get accented characters to show up…

I have been testing my prototype on Ff and IE 7 that has “é” in it, came out okay. My machine runs an old XP with SP3 (or is it SP4). I try and strictly save all my text files in UTF-8 encoding, probably would help.

Did you first write your game in a word processor first (that’s the common cause of this problem)? If you did, then when you copy the game to your text editor, you’re going to have to replace every quotation mark with a new one.

Make sure all files are saved UTF-8 encoding.

I believe the problem was due to the common cause: writing part of the game in a word processor first. After replacing all the fancy quotation marks with standard notepad " they turned out fine. However, I’m still unable to display é or è. Are these kind of letters ë, ó, etc at all possible in choicescript?

edit: After saving with the UTF-8 encoding they do appear! Thanks for the help.

Sometimes if you delete and do it again it fixes