Why does all my "'" (Apostrophes) turns to a questionmark inside a black box?


This sentence, for example: “I’m alright, but you’re sure you’re alright?”
Turns to this: “I?m alright, but you?re sure you?re alright?” When I open the story using the index file. Ty for any help :slight_smile:


I see that happen a lot in word doc. It has to do with the format for saving the text, I forget the name sorry. There is a post on this site about it will see if I can find it.

*edit still looking but it does have to do with your character set/encoding. What ever program you are writing in you have to make sure to save it, wish I could remember the number, so CS understands the text.

*edit2 I think this link should help


Use Notepad or Notepad++, I think it’s Word Doc. that messes this up.


@SwedishDude, some programs auto-correct quotation marks to be the more professional looking quote characters, which don’t save correctly as text. If you are using Word and have the auto-correct feature turned on for quotes, try turning it off. Or use Notepad or Notepad++ as already suggested.


Yes, I wrote it in g.docs and then copy-pasta it over to notepad. Problem solved ty all!


I have done this in notepat++, notepad etc and still nothing works … all I see is diamond ? marks. two browsers won’t even open the html without errors yet waterfox will and i used the default html that came with the kit with nothing changed in it.


It might be the problem described in this thread:


Thanks will give it a go in the morning