Strange error stops line breaks

So I finish a scene with a series of choices, as usual. But for some reason, Choicescript just decides to stop working with line breaks. Not the actual *line_break command, but the regular paragraph break it does when you hit Return twice in the text editor.

Also, when I put a *comment on the top line, it comments out the entire page. What am I doing wrong?

Here’s a picture. The top is the text editor, the bottom is the game in the Firefox browser.

That’s strange. I’d guess you’ve toggled a function in notepad++ that you shouldn’t have.

You are a golden goddess. I fixed it in regular Notepad. Notepad++ was freaking out on me, apparently.

Thank you so much.

You’re welcome. Now I wish I could work out what it was that you toggled in Notepad++ that caused all your lines to become one.

Anyone have an idea of how to restore notepad++ defaults?

Hopefully someome else will be able to help.

Why not simply uninstall Notepad++ and then redownload it? That should restore defaults, and as a side note *EDIT aaaand that is why I should read what the original post says thoroughly before posting a stupid comment and making an ass of myself. *facepalm* :-w

It apparently fixed itself when I restarted it. I guess that fixes that.


Wait, do you know what it fixed? Because I’m having the same problem! D:

Potato have you tried closing it off and restarting it?

Yeah, just save your content, close down Notepad++ and reopen it. Worked for me just fine.

I have absolutely no clue what causes it to do that.

Hum, I’ve already done that. Now that I think about it, I think my problem is a bit different. It has more to do with *if stuff… siiiiigh.

Thanks for the replies, anyways ccc:

Potato can you explain, in detail, what problem you’re having. We may be able to help you if you do.

Hey Potato, I think I know the problem. Or at any rate, I have a related problem. When I end a paragraph with an *if block of text, ChoiceScript usually ignores the para break that follows. For example,

You charge the enemy, brandishing your
*if noble
*if slave

They run away.

would probably pop up as a single paragraph.

After trying various other things, I now just put in a double *line_break whenever my para ends in conditional text. That’s clunky but works.

@Havenstone YES. YES THAT EXACTLY. Ugh, Haven, a thousand internet kisses to you. It works c:

@FairyGodfeather Thank you for your consideration! You’re so sweet, you know? (*´・v・)

@Potato Aww thanks. Glad that Havenstone knew what the problem was. I’d have been lost in trying to help.

Unless there is text to indicate identation, the compiler assumes that a given line has the same identation as the line above it.

Thus, my solution:

*if compassion < 60
conditional prose
*comment endif

next paragraph

The *comment isn’t a command, but it tells the compiler to assign the empty line to have no identation, instead of it being a part of the conditional text block.