How can I write Italic or bold letters in notepad++?

Just asking…

I believe someone made a mod that allows you to do this, not possible in the normal choicescript though…is it? I never actually tried to.

Well, if it was possible, I wouldn’t have made a discussion about it, would I? :stuck_out_tongue:

About the topic: It doesn’t work except through a mod? Aww :frowning:

There’s a thread about the mod in the second to last page.

EDIT: You can write in bold and italics in Notepad++, but it won’t show in Choicescript.

Actually, we’ve just implemented bold and italic for ChoiceScript. Not sure if the latest version on Github has it, but you can start using it, and by the time you’re ready to publish, it’ll be there.

Excellent! I have seen many sites using those commands and that’s why I asked. Excellent to know choicescript to has it!

How do you add bold and italics?

I’d just like to ask because I’ve been thinking about it and I wanted to implement it into my game but I do not know how and my character will think to themselves quite a bit in the story.

Yes, just add:

[b]Bold[/b], and it'll be bold text 
[I]Italics[/i], and it'll be italicized

Like this:

You can also make bold italics by doing this:

[b][i]Bold italics[/b][/i]

Like this:
Bold italics


Thank you so much! I really needed that! Thank you! (I would write this in capital but policies don’t allow it.) Your answer is so so so so so much appreciated!

Allow me to :ballot_box_with_check: your answer… 'cuz it’s the answer.