Is there an option to use emphasized text in games?


As the title says. Is there a way to do this in games?




You can also use bold with the [b] and [/ b] tags.


And both bold and italic with ```


My story always seems to mess that option up.


Can’t think why that would be, unless you’re missing one of the closing ‘/’ slashes? Even if you use the closing tags the “wrong” way around, e.g.

[i][b] Text [/i][/b]

I believe CS would still display it properly, provided the actual syntax is correct.

An aside: this is actually just one of the many ‘little touches’ I like about CSIDE’s dedicated (i.e. ChoiceScript-specific) Code Editor. In that, Ctrl-B / Ctrl-I will wrap any selected narrative text with the appropriate formatting tags for displaying in CS, and if no text is currently selected those hotkeys will insert the tags where the cursor is, and with the cursor itself re-positioned between the start & end tags ready to simply type your formatted word or phrase.