HOW-TO: Add italics, bold and more, to text


NOTE: I am not Dan. This code is unofficial and very ugly. While it is relatively harmless, it COULD destroy your property. By downloading the files provided, I cannot be held responsible for anything that may happen.


Tired of that BLAND and BORING old lookin’ text in your game?

SplatCorp is proud to introduce PipeScript!

Make your fellow CoG authors jealous with NEW font styles:
• italic
• bold
• larger
• smaller
• teletype

Get your copy here:
(*Batteries not included.)


1) Downloading

To download the archive from the Google Docs website, click on:
File > Download

2) Installation

To install this modification, copy both javascript files into ChoiceScript’s “web” folder.

3) Use

You should now have access to 5 new commands:

If you’re familiar with ChoiceScript, using any of these should be a snap. Otherwise, here’s an example:

Hello. How are
*bold you

The above ChoiceScript ‘code’ would appear like this in your game:

Hello. How are you doing?

4) Notes

The code sucks. The way I implement text styles prevents you from stacking them. It also generates an automatic space before and after the bit of text you stylize.

Text like this: “italic text.
Actually renders like this: " italic text. "

I’ve tested my code against the latest build of ChoiceScript as of March 27, 2012.

While it works for my own purposes, the modifications will very likely break while running your ChoiceScript code. I started learning JavaScript only a few hours ago. I probably won’t be able to help you if my code doesn’t work. That however doesn’t mean I won’t give it a shot.

If you’d like to have a laugh, simply search “PIPEBRAIN” in either javascript file to find my additions.


Um, okay- where did the code go? I tried the link and got the 404 error… I’d really like to think that some of the basic text effects would be included with the core set of functions. I’ll double-post this in a new thread and see where it goes…



About the “italic” and “bold” functions, these are already implemented, and way better (I’m not saying your implementation is bad). you can use TEXT for bold and TEXT for italic in the actual code, and it works (just like on most forums). About the *larger, *smaller and *teletype, those seem relatively useful.

EDIT: Ninja’d by eposic, I didn’t see his comment when I posted mine.


The [i] and such commands are NEWLY IMPLIMENTED FEATURES! It DID NOT EXIST as of March!
Third time I had to remind people of the dates threads were made, and i’m getting a bit pissed off. -.-


Helpful reminder, @Daisuke – thanks. But nothing to get pissed off about, surely? It’s easy to miss dates, and eposic and alex are trying to be helpful too.


Your right Haven, I just get mad when people miss something I think is obvious, sorry @Eposic and @AlexCosarca


@Daisuke, I should be sorry, I just didn’t look at the time the topic was made (my mistake, not yours). I thought it was made on 1st of August, and now I realized, only the 2nd comment was on 1st of August, not the first (the actual topic).


@Daisuke, I was simply pointing @Govmiller to the appropriate current thread. I don’t see that as an unreasonable thing to do, to help prevent a new thread from being started by @Govmiller when it wasn’t needed. Is okay?


By the way, I’m not familliar at all with ChoiceScript history(what was added when), so I may however make more mistakes of those…


I suppose I was more talking to Alex, since all you really did was supply a link to another thread, again, sorry for getting pissed off when you were simply trying to help and using capitiol letters where none were needed.