Accident Hero (WIP)

Accident Hero
by coal8

Play as an unsuspecting individual thrust into the limelight of heroism, where you, yes you an ordinary person managed to reach the top 10 in supes and you didn’t even have to do anything.

Now, you’re public enemy number nine (of the bad guys, that is) and public darling number four (everywhere else). News channels are salivating, paparazzi stalk your every move, and fans shower you with adoration (and maybe some slightly concerning homemade superhero merch).

A voice whispers from the corner of your mind, Is it a friend or foe? Untapped power or a harbinger of darkness?

Will people chant your name in admiration, or scream it in terror?

P.S. Keep the secret safe, rookie. We wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone, Now go forth and accidentally be the most epic hero ever!

  • Play as male or female or non-binary

  • Find romance or stay alone.

  • Embrace or resist your alterego.

  • Earn the love or the hatred of the public, and deal with the media and the authorities.

  • Will you stay on the side of good or evil.


I was on forums looking at other WIPs when I said, “Maybe I should also make one.”

So, I personally challenged and decided to work 7 days straight on one, completely out of my comfort zone aswell, as I’d rather write fantasy stories. As most people would.

I probably could’ve finished chapter 1 (it’s drafted) if I didn’t spend so much time polishing everything and testing the game over and over and over and over…so I can say with 100% certainty there are no bugs…probably.

Don’t know if I executed my idea properly but

Feature Features


Feedback is much appreciated.

What future features do you want to see implemented?

Demo: Accident Hero


Do you know king form one punch man? I want to be like him :sweat_smile:


that’s kinda where I got the idea from but added a small twist


There’s already a ChoiceScript game called Alter Ego.


no way, well I’ll just change the name I already had something before “AlterEgo”


but king does not even have powers.


and from what i read the MC does have powers over here but yeah. The overall personality of King is actually how i would like my MC too.


I’m really enjoying what I’ve read so far, it would be interesting to see the MC explore and discover their own power without relying upon the super serum.

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What powers are currently available?

King have powers. I gave them to him

Your arrangement of words are exquisite, first tme I have to read a story only once to understand what’s happening.

I wouldn’t say that you can choose powers since your “AlterEgo” would be doing most of the heavy lifting like how Eddie Brock has the symbiote, you have well this, not sure if I explained it well in the prologue(maybe more in chapter 1 I will) or in the description of the game

In a way the “SuperDrug” was like you know a jumpstart to wake up what was already dormant(if you check the stats you should see that your “AlterEgo” is currently unawakened

Don’t think I’ll ever add this in the future, since I don’t really want to ruin what I already have going on, like I said to someone I took inspiration from “King” from opm but added a little twist in a sense to give the mc “powers”


I was wondering when you would be making a choicescript and I’m happy you did. This is an amazing WIP, Ngl i’m already waiting for more. :smiley:

Though I do have a question. Will there be a choice to make Veronica a male? I thought I chose male-which I did but it still made Veronica a female is this supposed to be on purpose?

I also think that this is supposed to have quotes?


Maybe, but I doubt and yes making Veronica female was on purpose, the option to chose the gender was for “Officer Lane”(check stats) who will be introduced later

Edit: Oh my bad, you’re right those are supposed to be in quotes, thanks for that I’ll fix that next update

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I finished the game completely and it was amazing!

I could literally imagine the fight with Razor. It was honestly pretty cool I usually don’t play ‘hero’ games but this was really good! :blush:

I like the context of the story but still am wondering how the MC ‘accidentally’ became a hero. It adds so much suspense to the story. Really am excited for more!!!

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Sounds interesting

I like the premise, look forward to see how it comes along.

Can alter ego have slight appearance changes like hair color, eyes shape and color, strange markings, and name like baruto’s karma and sakuna from jjk?? I see a lot of potential in this. I really like this wip


Good so far!!

Oh boy I got an alien in my head or am I crazy? Or split personality??? Well simple answer is, it’s demons :thinking::joy::joy::laughing:
Very much enjoyed the prologue, MC reminds me a bit like King. But then again we actually do have a power :crazy_face: …or do we :eyes:
Anyway the writing was very engaging and tho introductions where short the characters are definitely believable. I did notice a few typo’s… should probably have taken screenshots, oh well I blame you for making a very enjoyable story/prologue :wink:. Either way I eagerly await the next update :blush:
Superhero IF my favourite kind of snack…
When you get powers…
Alter Ego I see you are with the sith…
When other me comes out to play: