A Witch's Path (WIP)



Halloween - No Demo

That’s ok, both coding and grammar are nightmares (in my opinion)


I’ve been checking in everyday so far. This one is gonna be a great one :grin::grin:


Hey @OracleD3 don’t to rush you but can we get an update on the demo?


I am really excited for this! Good luck in your writing!


Why is evreyone so happy?


Pretty sure everyone thinks there is gonna be a demo


We’re prob gonna wait till end of the year sense it didn’t come hallowen


Ugh my friend is barely looking at chapter 1 I found out today :unamused: he’s mostly been playing all these new games that have been coming out. Hopefully he’ll do what I asked and look at it so I can post the 4 chapter demo.


And Battlefront 2 just released on top of that so…might be a bit.


Idk what games he was excited for? I only had 3 games I was looking forward too. Pokémon, South Park, sonic. Got the first 2 now waiting to get sonic at Christmas and waiting for January for digimon.
Hopefully he’ll rage quit one of his games so he can edit.


Look in the bright side, at least now that everyone knows you are at least on chapter 4. But don’t worry, you can find some people you trust on here to help with making sure the demo is okay I’d worse comes to worst.


I would implore you to consider just posting the demo on here and letting us test it for you, since apparently your friend cannot be relied upon. With it on here, not only do you have numerous testers, but also numerous people who would be able to offer critiques and suggestions to help your work flourish. Even though I am working on my own games, I can and will make time to test yours. That shows how much I believe in your story and want to see it flourish and grow into the amazing game I know it can be. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. The first hurdle to overcome is getting it tested. Of which we’re your best bet.


Ugh I wish I could. I mean I’m satisfied with the demo right now so I wouldn’t mind posting it with the grammar and spelling and typos mistakes but my friend is also in charge of the coding. We thought it would’ve better if I just focused on the right and him the editing and coding. So if I want to post the demo he has to finish his job. But the second he’s done and sends it to me I’m posting it.
So as a apology for the wait here is a image of what would happen if the MC and RO Thomas were late for a Coven gathering:


That’s the problem with asking people to do things for you. They’re another person so, without incentive, they’re probably never going to get it done when you want them to.

In my experience, it’s better to learn coding and do it yourself than ask someone else to do it. Choicescript is, for the most part, pretty simple. And if you can’t figure something out, there’s always someone on the forum who can answer your question.


Why not try to learn coding with Choicescript while your friend is coding and/or editing the demo? That way when he is finished with the demo you can code the rest of the game. It seems to me from your concept that this will be a pretty long and in depth game. If that’s the case, it is probably a smarter move to just kind of bite the bullet and learn how to code on your own. No offense to your friend but if he can’t be relied on to code/edit the demo in a reasonable time period, he doesn’t seem that reliable when it comes to working on this project of yours. Either way, we have stayed with you this whole time and will continue to support you no matter what you decide to do with regards to this project.


Yeah, choice script isnt as easy as everyone says for some so I can see where you are coming from. Every time I had variables it wouldn’t run, I don’t know why and I spent at least three days studying it but still haven’t gotten anywhere.


I experience the same problems as you. It took me three tries just to figure out how to open up the coding files on my computer. Once I figured that out I couldn’t figure out how to properly make all the different options and writing pieces fit together, and working with notepad is a nightmare since the writing doesn’t show up neatly like on word or doc and instead presents itself as one long line. Which is why I gave up on trying to make a game.


That’s why you use notepad++. It is a godsend when it comes to coding with choice script. It has line numbers so you can easily locate where your errors are and much more.


CSIDE is a scripting tool I recommend as well. It adds helpful tools (like different colors for different code) to help you visualize what you are doing.


I’ve got my RO’s all planned out! :grin:
My first option is Dante. (I can’t resist a bad boy. :wink:)
Second is Thomas. (I want to be the first to win his heart, and make every girl (or some guys) jealous. :smirk:)
Third is Nate. (I’m just curious. There may be more to him than his own little perverted ways. Also, why not? :relieved:)

I’ve had this all planned out since post 3916. :joy:
I NEED this story!!!