A Witch's Path (WIP)



Oh I think you know what I mean :wink:


ARE YOU ALL READY FOR HALLOWEEN!? :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:


Thank goodness I’m not a kid anymore. I think many are gonna be pissed in my area, supposed to rain a lot Tuesday. However, I AM looking forward to the demo. Here’s hoping its posted Tuesday.


In MY area, it rains a lot EVERY DAY!
It’s supposed to rain Tuesday as well. You know why? …

HA! Haha.:joy:
You’re funny.:joy:
And pathetic.:-1::v:


IM ALWAYS READY FOR HALLOWEEN! :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:




And then we have 2 more #relateable ones.


You and I gotta stick together. Us Halloween lovers.:heart::jack_o_lantern::heart:


Halloween - Demo


Love Halloween! My favorite holiday!


I’d say I don’t like Halloween because I die of jealous of countries that celebrate this holliday, because mine doesn’t :laughing::cry: so I spend the day having to keep my black cat at home (because people still stupid and hunt black cats even thought we don’t celebrate the holiday -__-) and watching American movies and cartoon themed (the TV channels air those things even so lol). And now seeing you guys. Heh. :sweat:

Buuuut this year is special cuz we’re close to this game demo :yum:


anyone going to miss trick or treating? i am 18 so trick or treating is kinda out of the question for me


just take your little cousin out and afterward divide the profit 50/50.


That Marilyn Manson photo is me but Thanksgiving.

That said… there’s a demo drop today?


By the looks of it so far, I’d say not. I was hoping so as well, but wasn’t holding my breath because I’d figured it wouldn’t show up. I’d be happy with an non-checked version, since its a demo I’m not picky if there are grammar errors, etc so long as it plays.


doesn’t look like it :confused:


That sucks cause I was really excited for it to😞


Ok guys so the demo isn’t ready because apparently my friend had test this week and apparently is into this game called Cupheads?(weird title for a game?) and hasn’t done much editing besides a quick skim on the prologue. So hopefully he’ll be more free and will edit it so I can post it. Sorry guys i wish I was good at grammar and coding I’ll try to get him to work on it when he’s free.


You could also make this an open beta test. In which you would release the demo as is and those of us that play it can make note of the grammar errors and such. And if coding errors pop up, we can make note of them too. That would probably be much faster than your friend, since you would technically have every reader as a possible beta tester. I myself have free time so I have no problem going through it for grammar errors and such.




I don’t like Cupheads, but I do like the plot. Kinda remind me of Mario, if you ask me.


It’s pretty fun platformer-bullet-hell-side-scrolling-boss-rush cartoon game.

I wish I can play it myself, but my crappy laptop refuses all kind of games since last month (except solitaire and minesweeper) :frowning_face: