A Witch's Path (WIP)



I guess? I just did my height and my friends height.


Wait our fathers alive now I thought he died as a burnt corpse?


That changed a little while ago.
You could say it was like magic!:smiley::slightly_smiling_face::neutral_face::expressionless:


Decided to have him be in a coma all your life. And here is the video that inspired the idea:


Wow I didn’t realize my mom and I were that tall
Moms 5ft 9, dads 5ft 10, and I’m 6ft…

Edit: just looked it up I’m apparently average in *Norway
But above average here in the us, And my mom is 5 inches above average for the us and 2 for Norway

*norway was the country that had the tallest average for males and females both
Which is kinda cool

I wonder where we in this game hail from culturally.
Pennsylvania Dutch
USA (it hard to think on what our culture is we kinda stole everyone else’s and put our stamp on it)


I think you mean we stole everyone’s culture and then duck-taped it to us. Because Duck tape is the American way.


Yep duct tape solves everything
And also the old saying “silence is golden…duct tape is silver” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Look a distraction! Takes your name tag and a role of duct tape

I plan on becoming the greatest witch in the land and rule it with a leather fist …becuase iron is so last season. :smirk:
And I’ll do it with duct tape and capitalism.
Gotta. Rule. Them. All. Praise your overlord Drakeye and his Elder god Cthulhu!

I forgot overlord 101 for a second… you are all good minions I’ll make sure you all get full dental…


Since it was my idea, mind if I be your Co-overlord? I promise not to usurp your throne, if that helps.


But do you own a duct tape factory?

We have… George Lucas?

Anyway regarding evil overlord…

Don’t forget to have kids that you treat super nicely so that when the hero shows up they’ll be conflicted about taking away a beloved parent :blush:

If he can’t beat Jesus, he must be bad as a healer.


Okay, I thought you were going to say, “If you can’t beat Jesus, join him.” but I guess not.


Papa’s not allowed to join him until he gets the amulet,:mask: then he’ll get my permission to die :blush:


Good news demo was sent to my friend and he says he’ll look at it when he has time. So yay!!! Once he codes/edits the grammar and stuff I’ll post it in the original post.


cough I’ll edit… cough LOL

I can’t wait!!!


Oh, I am looking forward to this!


Yay I’ll suck every last bit of its content…When the **** comes


…The sexual content(s)?


I think a good third option instead of light and dark covens could be the character rejecting both of them and decides to start their own coven. The prophecy could be about how they rejected both sides and created a middle ground. After the choice is made there could be like 4 more choices about how your coven would use their magic, for doing whatever they want with it, using "dark magic bit also helping people or vice versa, what you’d do with humanity etc. You could name the coven. A lot of the story still wouldn’t have to be changed you could still have both sides still trying to get you to join a side, but the whole time your trying to convince you friends to join your coven. You could even probably just throw in a minor character who is just a random witch out of like 4 to choose from, just to start the coven off with at least one other person. They would pretty much just be their for group rituals, coven get togethers, and be your volunteer “butler”. Lol pretty much a character who isn’t that trained or good with magic, neither side wanted them so the character was like “sure why not”. I think these would be some cool ideas to incorporate, but not if you think it’d interfere too much with your idea for the story.


I think I remember something about starting your own coven a bunch of posts ago.


The Rainbow Coven :joy:


That’s the best coven and no one will noticed. :slight_smile: