A Witch's Path (WIP)



So how powerful can the mc become like a decently strong mage or something on the level of doctor strange with his infinite god tier magic and artifacts


In the description, it says that both White and Black Covens sees you as a future powerful witch that will be the strongest of them all. So I’d say it is possible for us to be on the level of Doctor Strange but we’ll have to see how it turns out in the story.


Yah I’ll put some names like Rune(female MC name) but I know most of ya are going to type in your own lol.

As long as you don’t try to keep your choices balanced between the rivals.

Eh can’t compare to doctor strange because I didn’t see the movies…or comics. More of a D.C. Kind of guy myself. But let’s say if doctor strange was real in this world the MC would be more powerful than him lol.

Or Doctor Fate and Zantana! Lol magic superhero so know more about.


Just imagine the MC going up to the demons like


Why would “Rune” be specifically female? :confused:


Because that’s the name I picked out for Female MC.


Only, it’s just that Rune is actually a boy’s name… :sweat_smile: (The feminine version would be Runa.)


Lol when I looked it up it said it was typically a female name and it sounded magical so thought to use it lol. I guess boys can be a Rune too? Some boys have Dana as a name and that’s a girl name.


I generally use Behind the Name, which gives etymologies and meanings (where known). (And, no, Dana is a unisex name, even if it’s more commonly used for girls… :sweat_smile:)


Behind the Name is excellent!


How in depth is character customization? Can we change our skin color, height, weight, clothing and such


You can choose skin color, hair style and color, and clothes. Your body type will depend on which parent you choose to resemble more.


according to Daniel, we are midgets…


Im not good with measurements! It’s what dropped my math grade from a A to a B-… that and algebra


What’s wrong being midgets?


I am pretty sure “midget” is the wrong term. Vertically challenged maybe? I can’t remember…


nothing. @Reaper_General asked what our height was so I tell him we were 3ft tall in the game.


Don’t know if true or not so i just want to know if we can we at least choose our heigh in between 3ft and 6ft and a couple inches


the height depends on which parent you choose to look like:
Mom= 5.4ft


Is it because those are the average heights for each gender?