A Witch's Path (WIP)



Not yet. If everything goes according to schedule, one should be out by the end of the month.


Alrighty guys. So officially decided to add your father into the story and decided that that will be the last change I make to the story.
So if you guys see me posting about anything new to add just remind me of this post k.
Shouldn’t take more than a day or two to add this new stuff to the story. THEN it’s off to my friend who will read, give notes, and edit. Once I do I’ll tell him to make the first three chapters a priority so the demo can be out for you guys. So if everything goes to plan hopefully the demo will be out on Halloween! I extremely hope me and him won’t be busy so we can get it done that day!
Ps. I’m going to post another WIP on here but don’t worry it’s just one to discuss an idea I have I won’t do a demo for it until this part is released. So if you guys see don’t worry about this WIP. It will always be my priority.


Oh sweet, can’t wait for another WIP! Also, nice avatar. :slight_smile:


How will the father react to the ro ?


Claudia passes MC to flirt with Jocks?

Love triangle


Hmmmmm well? He is in a coma so I don’t think he’ll mind them lol.


When he wake up in later book i mean ?


Can Amelia transfer other people’s pain?

Could she wake up the deadbeat for a bit?


Hmmmmm I don’t know yet? Still deciding if he should wake up in the 3rd or 4rth part.

I don’t know what that second thing means but no Amelia can only transfer her pain not others.



deadbeat father


Oooooohhhhhh! Lol no she can’t. And I wouldn’t leave her alone with your dad either because… if she likes cutting up dead things what do you think she’ll do to a coma person.


It’ll be fine, father’s Jesus anyway.

Plus in the end it wouldn’t make a difference.


I’m new to this forum, it looks really interesting but I didn’t see a demo link. Is there a demo yet?


Hopefully on Halloween the demo will be posted.


Im tempted to name my witch either Dio or Kiritsugu, jojo ruined my ability to take time abilities seriously.


Name: Dio Brando

Has guardian ability: ZA WARUDO (OVER HEAVEN, when we get that stupid locket off)

Familiar: Road Roller.


Don’t you mean Dio Brando? :slight_smile:


You going to put name options so we can just pick one or we’ll have to write one ourselves?


Only when we have a kid that can negate any action.


Can we make friend with everybody ?