A Witch's Path (WIP)



MC passes Claudia to flirt with jocks? :blush:


Aww…but my mc only has eyes for Zack/Jasper and Thomas of course. Mmm…it does seem like Jasper/Zack will be the most popular boy in town in my playthrough then, but I guess that can’t be helped.


Lol no only if female MC try’s to take her spot light. Girls know not to flirt with her man lol and if your not dating and swarmed by girls she’ll shoo them away and save you from lower beings flaunting over you lol.

He’ll get really mad if you’re better at things than him. Say he makes a seed grow into a fully grown flowers while you turn the tree into a fully grown tree he will be angry that you one up him.

Only if the male MC looks like their mom.

Lol then she will be very pleased with you then plan her revenge on those Jocks.

Lol as long as you let him win in magic and art you should be fine.


Ugggghh I’m soooo annoyed with myself. Spent most of the night last night, the night before, and all day yesterday working on a random story I thought of in the blue. It was just a rush of inspiration and I couldn’t help but work on.
But would like to talk about it because I might work on it after this lol. Do you think it’s allowed to have 2 WIPs one just to talk about the idea and help with while I work on this story?


What if jasper finds out you let them win, that you held back on purpose? Will that make them angry


No he’ll appreciate that you helped keep him as number 1.


Ahh so jasper has no concern wether it’s earned or not they just want that shiny gold star. thats a obvious personal flaw, but it’s one that my mc can ignore I think.


I think his artistic skills would be far better than those of my mc anyway and as for magic, he’s obviously far more skilled at it at the very least. But if he lets my mc borrow some of his clothes my mc will be happy to oblige him if that’s what he wants.


I think you should put your focus on this story first


I know… just hard when you get this great idea and you just have to flesh it out. Lol once I get all of it out of my head it should be fine.
Like I said I won’t be working on it till this story is done.


just don’t forget to write your ideas down so you don’t forget them when the time comes!


lol that’s what I do with all my ideas.


Under the circumstances this would be allowed in the Night Coven with the punishment of a slap on the wrist than any major punishment.


I can just imagine the sort of “mischief” Zack/Jasper must have caused then, cause somebody as cute as he is practically screams “trouble”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did they… really do what I think they did?


Yes yes they did. Except for the guy they knocked out, he was innocent.


Wow this is the longest thread I’ve seen that’s still wip

I’m new -_-


But… you’re not? Unless you are speaking about in this thread.


Yup sorry I didn’t clarify :smiley:


Is there a demo out for this yet?