A Witch's Path (WIP)



Amedee French form of Amedeas wich is Lover of god

Amos Meaning Carried by god

Both of wich were apparently popular names in places like Louisiana. I did not realize both references some form of that. given papa legbas original job it makes sense, it’s also ironic for a dark immortal.


Is the MC actually more powerful then all the Immortal witches?


When they awaken their full power yes


It would be really dang cool if MC actually became the leader of the immortal witches after awakening their powers :smile:


Ahahaha, believe me the combination you have can be pretty sexy too… but daaamn, irish accent is really sexyyy… have you heard Mcgregor talking…? I still dont understand what the hell he is saying, but daaamn… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


As blasphemous as this is, Irish with a Hint of Southerner english in their Accent.
:blush: Thats just chills.


I take it one of the endings is going to be becoming an immortal?

Mmmn…His Perfection ElvesFTW the Amazing doesn`t exactly roll off the tongue…


Is the MC going to be another immortal witch?


The Mc is gonna be the only immortal very soon…
Princes of the universe begins playing


Born to be kings, princes of the universe…


Here we belong, fighting to survive in a war with the darkest power.


And here we are, we’re the princes of the universe. Here we belong, fighting for survival. We’ve come to be vthe rulers of you all!


About how long after the demo are you going to start beta testing?


Lol that is ironic naming your son hoping he’ll be a good witch but he turns into a chaotic dark witch. Are the names Jamaican? Cuz I’m going to have him original from there.

The MC is the most powerful Witch of all time. If all the immortal witches combined their magic it would be 0.9% compared to the MCs magic.

Lol you never know? Maybe you can try befriending them or earn their respect or something lol.

lol we’ll see. Or maybe you can try having your MC be killed so they can find out. Lol true it doesn’t.

Only one way to find out! Kill your MC…DO IT!! lol not like there’s another way to find out.

As soon as I learn the most efficient way to do a beta test.


Woah…thats scary. They better be careful not to get on my bad side :smile:

haha i’ll be sure to try that


Can you actually kill yourself prematurly in the game or do you have to wait till you die?


Is there a way to become immortal?


Ummmmm I don’t think so? I’ll have to see. I think there’s only the bad ending cuz I have it where your fighting Choices won’t have you killed so that everyone could fight how they wanted.

Many witches have tried over the centuries most ended up cursing themselves into immortal objects like trees and such. So no so far.


well so much for my live forever as a evil witch dictator plan i guess i will have to settle for long lived evil witch dictator plan instead :disappointed_relieved:


Are there any demon coven romances?

I’m searching for one good thing besides a shortcut