A Witch's Path (WIP)



But the author did say you could consume the demon or trap it in you though


Night coven aren’t evil :black_heart: Grey Jedi.

Which sounds pretty pointless unless our familiar dying affect us a lot, but then I’d just trap/consume the familiar to avoid the risk.


Ahhhhh i commissioned one of my favorite artists to draw one of my Oc’s in a witch’s hat and i absolutely HAVE to show you guys <3 She looks ready to put anyone under her spell with just a wink! :wink:


I know you guys hate that I’m talking my time writing this but if I’m being honest I like it. Because when I think of a new idea I have the option to put it in. Like just today I thought of a really cool spell and was a able to put it in as a option. So that’s cool.
Anyways! I would like help naming one of the 5 Immortal Witches. Adding entries of them in your MCs grimiour so you can learn about them and how important they are in the witches world.
Like I said need help with one of their Names and titles. Want it to be cool and dark. I’ll give a light description of this guy.
Title: His Regal Winston the Notorious
Appearance Age: 35-40
Power: Phantasam Manipulation- The power to control ghost, evil spirits, and their energys.
Info: One of the 5 great Immortal Witches. A witch who has learned, and mastered every Dark and evil spell in the whole world, many of which only he knows of. Not only does he know the blackest of magic but he also grants the wishes of many witches who summon him if the agree to do a service for him once a year and one other price. Their souls. This has given him the title The Notorious. Some even call him the Demon Witch or the Souless Witch. Rumor even has it that he was the one who discovered the Secret Coven but this has not been proven.

Here is some more info that might help you think of a name/title.
I based this character on one of my favorite characters Papa Legba from American Horror Story Coven:

I’ll add some videos of him too but don’t watch because of Spoilers of the Show if your watching or planning to watch the show:


I’m fine with you taking your time but you will post the demo in october right?


That’s the plan and I hope Me and my friend won’t be too busy so I can finish all the stuff in the 3 chapters and he can edit it so we can post it.


So, did you already have first names and backstories for all of them?


Yup 4 out of 5 I have their back stories. One of them I’m still figuring her out and another wanted to give him a darker name and title:
Immortal Witches

  1. Her Eminence Eliza the Silent
  2. Her Radiance Lailah the Merciful
  3. Her Magnificence Tatiana the Undaunted
  4. His Honor Oberon the Just
  5. His Regal Winston the Notorious


Are any of them romanceable?


I was thinking about making either Lailah or Tatiana have the appearance of a 17-21 year old. So maybe? Was actually thinking about that too.


Glad i caught your thoughts!:joy::joy:


So any thoughts on the Dark Immortal Witches name and title? He’s going to be Jamaican like Papa Legba cuz he’s cool.
Here’s another video to help inspire names. Spoilers of course.
This shows how he’ll come for his day of service to the witches who have given him their souls.


king Amedee
Dada Amos


How about giving him name like your nick? The great Oracle, or Oracleos… or something like that, nd put like yourself in the game??


His Perfection Caelistis the Brutal?


So which coven is lailah and Tatiana from?


The 5 immortal witches don’t belong in any coven


Do you have the meanings for these?

That would work on someone else but for him it has to be dark. Lol and noooo I’m making him like Papa Legba so he’s going to be black and Jamaican. lol I’m Mexican and American… such trash combination! Wish I had a cool British accent or a sexy Irish one.

Lol too similar to Her Magnificence but maybe? Still looking for something dark though.

All 5 are part of no Coven. Since they are immortal they don’t see the point in joining a Coven so they advise both Covens. But some do favor one over the other.


Were they always immortal? Or were they normal witches once before they became immortal? And which coven do they mostly favour?


Yup they were born Immortal but like all Immortals they had to experience almost dieing to find out their immortal. Well Lailah favors the White while Winston favors the Night, the rest are neutral all the way.