A Witch's Path (WIP)



if I remember correctly(it’s been a long time)…a bunch of crazy humans that like to have orgies in a pool filled with blood.


I feel the same way lol.

What you said. Latin for older and English for newer spells. But we’ll see what everyone else thinks.

Both Covens are centuries old. But a new Coven might rise.

All familiars beast forms are big enough to ride. Thought I wouldn’t be the only one who wanted to ride a magical beast to McDonald’s lol jk. And like your picture.

Eh mostly depends on the demon that has their soul. If it’s a low grade demon then they won’t be powerful but a higher up demon then maybe they will be. It also depends on the witch cuz some witches are strong while others are weak. Like some witches will have a powerful power like pyrokinesis while a weaker witch might have a power like bubble manipulation.


I think Latin for older spells and English for newer spells is pretty good. Also can we have cuddle scenes with our ro?


It could be worse, I’ve seen booger powers… he was ripped apart.

Does it give you access to all the powers the demon’s have? More reason not to sell my powers.


Dude, bubble manipulation must be the best.

gasp is that the reason the MC is the most powerful??? Like, when he gets to full potential he unlocks that and encases the whole world in a massive bubble??

I have cracked the story

Anyways i feel bad towards the witch who inherited that power

“Daddy, what power did i get?”
“Bubble Manipulation”
" … Where those demons at?"


I mean, would it be better to have a lame power or no power at all?


Hmm well from a psyker’s perspective none
If your really weak or if your to strong they sacrifice you since your a threat…

Though things like toy manipulation cloth kinisis or hair control are all more dangerous than you’d think.
Potentially good power electronic control.


Good point on both accounts.


Lol also was thinking of having some spells be English but said backwards. And yes there are a few RO cuddle scenes but more cuddling scenes with your familiar.

It can but the demon decides what power they give their servant. They can only give them powers that they have acquired from other witches. They can also take their magic and power away too if the witch displeased them or they haven’t fulfilled their end of the contract.

That’s where the phrase are you Witch enough comes from. Cuz if you have a weak magic you wouldn’t be able to do a lot of complicated spells. Like repairing limbs for example.


There’s no way to get it back? Just take control? Time limited contract? I want a demon to cuddle with :sob: But they’re too much trouble, freakin’ useless dark choices :roll_eyes:


Some times there’s a way to gain their soul back like offering something better or something like that. But mostly no the demon will always be the master and if the demon is killed the witches that formed a contract with it will all die too.


When the dark side has no redeeming qualities


I kinda dont want an answer to this but can our ro die in this book or future ones?


Hmmmmmm technically no but I guess you can say the bad ending counts as a death in a way.


What do you mean by “bad ending”?


One ending is basically a death ending. It’s not a death persay but it is a bad ending. But that only happens with certain parts.


Is this a closed beta type thing or is it already out? Such a long thread but nothing in the links.
That being said, I love the premise and feel this will be great.


No it’s still in eh I guess writing stage. But I’m confident I’ll post the 3 chapter demo in October. The thread is long because a lot of people have been helping me to make the story good. im very grateful for all the help and opinions.


Eagerly waiting for the demo :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hey! Jasper/Zack is Dark-Side too right? And he seems to have plenty of redeeming qualities. :kissing_heart: