A Witch's Path (WIP)



Ha jokes on you I’m not on fire anymore


What happens if you get burned again and get brought back again?


slows down time and spawns fire in one hand and injects you with numbing agents your getting that boost in power, it’s ok…


Oh well thanks for burning me alive i guess


I like my dark hair, so Nate’s gonna have to help me with shape shifting :laughing:

What if it was Soloman? Or Amelia?

Secret Coven’s used to be humans?


Well there always potions to permi dye your hair I’d guess after the fact


By throwing them a small welcoming party to get them to open up and get to know everyone and the Coven. Yah the Night Coven does have a good sense of humor huh. lol that’s why they have a RA to stay with the witches that live in the hotel so they don’t end up having a curse war lol which happens a lot more than you’d think.

Hmmm maybe they would, or maybe they would have to draw a line lol we’ll see. She would be a little sad that you would be her family anymore but then she would understand and be happy that you were true to yourself.

lol sorry that’s too big a spoiler.

Lol oooo maybe you should have learned a spell that could snuff out the flames.

Lol no one knows. Most witches want to avoid being burnt alive more than once lol.

Amelia it could work if she does it alone so the pain won’t transfer. But Olivers powers wouldn’t let him be burned.
Yah the Secret Coven is mostly humans that made contacts with demons to gain magic. Lol demons learned a long time ago that witches rarely make contracts but humans will 95% of the time.


But what if we burn them? Will they get the phoenix gift?

That’s one consolation at least :roll_eyes: No power ups for Soloman.


not even a Friendly roast or a snide comback either…


No if they get burned then they stay gone. They technically arnt full blown witches because unlike witches who’s magic flows through their body their magic comes directly from their demon master.


Mwhahaha, the perfect arrangement with a crossroads demon they make the deal i prematurly end it for Profit? Influance? ill figure out the reasons eventually…


So today I was going back and rereading the spells in the story to see which should stay, go, or be tweaked. And wanted opinions on them.
Right now spells/enchantments are a mix between English and Latin. So I just wanted opinions because right now I’m second guessing myself. So let me know what you think.

Should it stay English and Latin like this(ps I know it’s not Latin but when I was a kid I thought it was lol):

Just English like this:

Or Latin like this:


I like the latin, but the english is kinda good too
the Hocus pocus one seems lyrical and meh

i think for the stronger older magics latin should be par for the corse
but the basic magics and more modern tricks should be english

basically the signifying marks of a comparison to modern mage “chris Angel” flash and just enough to get the job done (pure english, simple magics weaker but practical in day to day) vrs “Merlin” Magic to stand the test of time Little flash but Nigh Unbreakable And hard to spot but easy to recognize if you have seen it before. (old latin magic, powerful and tiring, but great in battle or for more long haul casting)


So a witch who makes a contact won’t get it either?


I was kinda thinking that too. Mixing it up lol. I’ll wait to see if more agree.

Yes because they give up their souls and magic to the demon they formed a contract with. So no Phoenix Gift for Secret Coven Witches.


I kinda leaning towards Latin. Sounds more legit imo. But English is good too.


so would you be cool with

this sorta thing?
or just one or the other


If we are going to join a coven that has been around for centuries, then Latin would be good. If the covens are new and more modern then english would be best.


I have a thought. How big will the Kitsune be? Large enough to ride on? Im still deciding between the snake and fox familiar and i thought this is what my mc would look like with a fox familiar~


Are Secret Coven witches more powerful than the other witches at the cost of humanity or is it just another way to cast magic?