A Witch's Path (WIP)



You’re welcome. It was no trouble.


Aww was hoping to have something like Harry Potter, where i might be able to stick my wand up someone’s nose! :rofl:

So how did the fire get started? Was it accidental or on purpose? Sorry if its a spoilery question.

Nooooo papa! :cry:


Bored so going to say a riddle ready…ok what has a heart but no other organs :wink:


Wow Pheonix Gift sounds cool~ Do we automatically have that power or do we need to choose among skill sets?


I am thorn between choosing beautiful or hot options for my female mc :sweat_smile:


I really like the modern witch outfit but im not feeling the “shy” personality from it. Feels more towards mysterious.


I agree i don’t really feel the shyness from it. I like the outfit but i think these are more suitable for shy personality. You don’t have change of course since this is just my opinion

Maybe the modern witch is shy because we can use the hat to cover our face when we embarrassed or blushing cause that is really cute and shy


Maybe, but usually witches aren’t that shy right? Mc might be shy cause they got bullied often cause of their looks.


Witches are people too and a lot of people are shy like Oliver and Katie for examples


Nope because by joining the Coven your family isn’t a part of you basically cut yourself out of that family. Which is why most Witches change their last names if the join a different Coven.

No I’m trying to figure out how Nate should act towards the male MC that looks like their father. He’s super pervy towards the other 3 MC types constantly commenting about their body example from the story
"Ugh why did I agree to this?!" Turns MC around so back is turned to him "Oh yah that’s why."
But I can’t think of how he would act towards muscular boy that doesn’t make it seem out of character.

Lol ew. But maybe if you pick Guardian Materialization you can have him stick his axe in some ones nose lol.

Can’t say sorry. But pyrokinesis is a power option for your MC sooooooo maybe that can be in your mind lol.

Lol no sorry you don’t have the Phoenix gift. And the only way to get it is being brought back to life after being burned alive. So you can try if you think you’re Witch enough to bring yourself back or know someone who can bring you back.

It just gives me this shy aura so that’s why I choose it for shy. Plus wanted a gothic outfit option and this one had style.

lol I imagined that too with the hat.


You know how the Night Coven is constantly looking for orphan witches/witches born in human family’s? Well this video shows what the young witches of the Night Coven do to new witch arrivals that just found out they are witches. And if you didn’t have your aunt this would be how the Night Coven ROs would introduce themselves lol


lol good see that the Night Coven has a good sense of humor so how does the White Coven handle its new arrivals?


But isn’t our aunt an important character and if they let us dating the opposite coven because we are the miraculum why can’t they let us at least talk to our aunt? Also how does she (aunt) feel when we choose the white coven?


What does the prophecy say will happen if the MC joins the secret coven??


lights self on fire AAAHHHHHHH ITS NOT WORTH IT rolls around on the floor


Covens in that movie must be girls only and none of them are half as cute as Zack/Jasper.


You can do it your almost there…wait did you not take the morphine beforehand?

So unfair and warlocks are always evil coniving handsome guys with no heart.


I don’t want to be that guy, but it is a television show.


of course i took the morphine I’m just screaming in agony for fun :man_facepalming:


Oh ok just checking dumps Jet fuel on you and reads book again Hmm hmm hmm