A Witch's Path (WIP)



Yup lol that’s one of the inspiration of your first demon plus the grudge and the ring lol. How come I. Horror movies men play the serial killers but girls play the paranormal ones???

I actually was going to do that at first. Alright I’ll go back and edit it lol. Jk it’s already like that lol I just said stats to be more ominous lol.

But what if it’s your Aunt!? Lol even thought it will be in a dark hall way… while your aunt is out of town lol.

Lol run where? Didn’t you see the gif it attacks in a hallway which means it’s in your house. You’ll open your bedroom door at there it is at the end of the hallway. I guess if you think you can make it to the stairs lol.


I can always jump out the bedroom window, I’m already used to doing it anyways.


I like my aunts but…
Magic world, aunt is going freaky deaky…she knows better Shoot her with a big attack and Bolt dont even check if she is downed get backup then go back and Destroy body if she is there still…

in short Fire first then Go “NOPENOPENOPE” for backup


Wait what? I’m definitely going to go out the window!


Lol what makes you think that’s the only one?



Hmmmmm… interesting i suspect a former/current rebel with/without a cause
That would be to inconvenient for me, Bed is kinda in the way a bit. looks looks like id also have to blow a hole in the wall after i boomtown my poor Demonic aunt :cry:

Also @OracleD3 of course your going first thats called delegating leaders delegate the things they dont want to do… like delegating the role of the Bait or the target or the distraction…:thinking: yep leader i is :smirk: i have some delegating for you…


I am, yes.

  1. Put shoes upside down on top of the bed
  2. Climb onto the window and dangle your feet
  3. Put on the shoes
  4. Jump down
  5. Profit (or twist your ankle, it depends on your athletic ability)

@OracleD3, can our powers affect the demon aunt at all?


Don’t do this to me man :cry:


Lol of course. witches are the only ones that can kill demons other than angels. Priest can only banish demons not kill them. Which is why White Coven witches have demon hunter forces.

lol sorry thought one demon would be too little for a first encounter, so I added like 30 lol.


Holy shit! Are we Dante or something?


Nah we’re Dante lite edition
We only have 30 for our first encounter. Obviously @OracleD3 set to super easy mode to be nice.
When we get to normal difficulty there will be 800
Van Helsing would play with no less than hard mode
And Alucard is nightmare difficulty…


Pah! Everyone knows Dracula is the true badass of the series. He’s so hardcore Death’s literally his sidekick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haven’t heard a castlevania comparison in a long while
1 up :+1:


Why? One was enough but thirty? Oh my gawd I’m going to die on the game.


But Castlevania’s Alucard is so super-cute, one of the first fictional guys I fell in lust with way back when. And now I’m officially old aren’t I? :sweat_smile:



Out of all the female RO’s, who is the kinkinest one?

I know this might seem like a weird question, but trust me, it is essential in my process of picking an RO.


I’m betting on Claudia or Amelia.


I’ll also bet on Amelia or Claudia


Is it possible that our grimoires I will have more specialized Knowledge from the different types of them


Dante the RO? Hmmmm no I mean? You can fight with him if you want?

lol actually it’s more for a situation we’re you need to escape. Hence how you unlock your defensive power.

Lol what makes you think they’ll kill you?

Um? I guess Nate? lol I know he’s not female but hey he can change into one. He gets a lot of lesbian girls that way… but you know? He changes back during the important parts?.. he’s a strange witch.

That is correct. Each grimoire has a little unique information in them that the others don’t. For example! The book of lies will have a demonic spell that the others don’t.