A Witch's Path (WIP)



Yay!!! Pressure meter way down! Lol was afraid I would have to post the demo with out any male RO events.


At this point we’re not even strangers anymore, we’ve been talking for almost a year now lol


So you already wrote the girls events? Can you post a sneak peek for Claudia’s romance?


Don’t you dare. :unamused: (At least finish Soliver’s events first. :blush:)


Awwww that is true. You just put yourself on my list of people I might let read the demo before posting lol.

lol well… if you keep hanging out with her during theater club she will want “practice” for the kissing scenes of the play lol. Does that count as sneak peek?

lol don’t worry I know there are girls and guys looking forward to the male ROs.


Or make that both art club cuties for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Or alternatively just release a first version without the straight ro events (cause we shouldn’t forget @Lizzy either). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Omg that’s perfect


Geez every time I think “ok this chapter looks good” I either want to edit it or add to it. This time I was inspired by that movie trailer A Wrinkle in time to add a scene of how the MC first meets the five Immortal Witches. I think it will be a good way to introduce them all even though you will only have contact with one of them in this part they are a important part of the series.
This is a picture of what gave me the idea.


I was stuck on whether to go Team Vella or Team Claudia but I think this sold me on Claudia :heart_eyes:


Oh my god guys my friend sent me this and had to share it as a reference lol. This is exactly how your first demon encounter will be like, like exactly how this ghost chick is. Hope you guys build the right stats lol.


Is that from the PT demo?? Looks just like it. Which is not a bad thing.


Eh, I’d suggest not doing this. :sweat_smile: Making it so you have to have the right stats to survive generally leads to games which are far less fun than those which are more forgiving. There should always be away to survive no matter what your stats are; MC deaths should be the exception, rather than the rule.


So there’s going to be chance of our MC not surviving in the demo? 'Cause I’m screwed. xD


Right stats

Shoot it as soon as it starts twitching wildly screw waiting for it to calm…we all know what happens in movies, didn’t even have to wait I knew it was gonna jump at you

Or if you can’t hurt it or don’t think you can make like a octopus



I’m going to be honest and not even try to kill it, I’ll run like no tomorrow!


A intelligent nope octupi in the making…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All bravery will leave my octopus :laughing: every time I look at the gif I wanna scream and run.


Like this?
Yea some of us are defiantly gonna scream and run or just scream…
Or thow flames without thinking in frightful neejerk reaction


How did you know I’ll scream like that?! :scream:



Magic of course