A Witch's Path (WIP)



Makes sense all good cults have cloaks

That’s probably going to far

yeah you could get away with that

dont worry when the demo comes out people are not going to care if its good or not cause they will be to busy screaming from the rooftops xD


Could you keep it vague without a very ruthless MC looking away? It just wouldn’t seem very in character for my MC. :smile:


If you’re concerned about it have too much gore or the baby in bonfire thing, you could just write “what is happening right now is beyond description. It is a nightmare made real and before it gets any worse, I tear my eyes away for fear of worse to come.” This the reader can imagine what is happening and it’s up to them to imagine what it is and you don’t have to worry about the content. Describe what is happening going on without actually saying anything concrete, keep it vague. The whole point of these games is to read and imagine what is going on. At least that’s what I think.


Wise words I will consider it… but I think it’s cuz your pic is Iron Bull and he was my best friend in Dragon age, plus my friend Mirror has like the biggest crush on him lol.


So we don’t know their intentions, but if they’re soaking cloaks in human blood and sacrificing actual babies does it really matter why?

What judgment is there left to make aside from “who started this and how can we stop it?”


Could always set it up so a faint haze falls over the Mc and the other members blurring the lines of perceptions making it more of horrifying mystery as to what truly goes on leaving group speculation on the minds of the coven giving them the option to believe what they will

This allows for opinion and makes it less likely that apple will say to gory anyway suspense and speculation can be powerful


Fun fact the Secret Coven was actually founded by humans. You know how in the witch trials people would say they caught so in so with the devil? Well The Secret Coven is mostly made up of humans that wanted to be witches/ wanted power so demons came to them form contracts and they take their souls in exchange for giving them magic. Which is why they have to keep sacrificing to keep their powers. And someone else helped form the Coven

someone extremely close to the MC


Not the first time someone has mentioned my profile pic. He was best friend too along with Dorian and varric. Also I’m going to start wondering exactly who that could be. Is it someone related by blood? A mother? A father perhaps? Or perhaps we have an identical evil twin who is jealous that (says in He-Man voice) WE GOT THE POWER!?!?


Lol that was my squad! Well except I had Vivian instead of Dorian. And all I will say is… they are related by blood.


A ha!! Then let the guesswork begin.

[spoiler]Im guessing its our aunt[/spoiler]


our aunt is actually our daughter from the future come back to make sure we don’t make a specific mistake that causes our death and upsets the balance of power in favor of the enemies


Someone extremely close when we barely knew our parents, are friendless and lived only with one person for years, who just so happens to pose as the more morally non conformist of the two acceptable covens :thinking:


Good guess but nope lol


Extremely close could mean many things lol. It can also mean biological or something else lol.


You already said it’s by blood :expressionless: fine the parent who can revive the dead…


lol I guess you’ll have to wait and see. But nope wrong.


Grrr… every family members on the Soloman list now…


I’m going to say it’s the unborn child still in MC’s ovaries that she conceived with Amelia through magic and that traveled back in time to the witch trials period to form a Coven dedicated to sacrificing people and dancing naked in red cloaks covered in blood wearing masks made out of the decapitated heads of random animals for shits and giggles because they thought MC’s reaction would be funny af.


Did I walk into a madhouse???