A Witch's Path (WIP)



There’s no demo yet. We just like to talk a lot :slight_smile:


All the discussion just helps the author see what appeals to us and try out what works and what doesn’t. The demo might not be here but we have the lore and plot setup to make our own plots. Like my guardian is like batman. Or I imagine him to be batman.


I didn’t see a post with all the ROs so here’s one:

Name/ Race/ Club/ Aura/ Power/ Coven:

Abel Hollow/ Black/ Student Council/ yellow/ Gravity Manipulation/ White Coven:
Abel is co-president of the school’s student council and also the first born child of the head Witch of the White Coven. As first born he will one day take his mother’s place as head Witch of the Coven, a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly. He has trained all his life to become a capable leader and a powerful Witch. He aims to be both strong and kind and believes in protecting anyone in trouble. He can’t stand Dante for his selfishness and lack of self responsibility.

Dante Umbra/ White/ Student Council/ Crimson Red/ Shadow Manipulation/ Night Coven:
Dante is the one of the most popular kids in school and also the co-president of the school’s student council with Abel. The two tied three times after running against each other; even with the help of magic so the two share the responsibility. In truth Dante only ran for student council because his mother made him so when he attends meetings he often does little to no work. He is the only child of the head Witch of the Night Coven and will someday take his mother’s position. Though he’s never taken much interest in this fact he does take responsibility of being the leader of his friends and often doing what he wants not caring about consequences. He’s often seen as a slacker bad boy. He can’t stand Abel for many reasons but mostly because he’s also a child of a head Witch and wants to prove he’s a better Witch.

Aziza Hollow/ Black/ Fashion Club/ Purple/ Hydrokinesis/ White Coven:
Cousin of Abel Hollow, Aziza is a very skilled witch in using her power to control water which is a very difficult power to master. She is seen as a big sister figure to her coven and often people in school for her wisdom, kindness, and tough attitude so often people ask her for advice or to talk about their feelings. Not only a talented Witch but also a more talented fashionista in the making she is a member of the fashion club and is often seen wearing stylish clothes and sun hats she designed herself. She dislikes Jane for her need to be rude and sarcastic to everyone.

Jane Crescent/ Japanese/ Fashion Club/ White/ Cryokinesis/ Night Coven:
Avoided by most students at school Jane is a goth girl who is not one to hold back what she thinks. Rumor has it that no one has lasted a conversation with her without crying. Except for her friends in the Night Coven and her enemies in the White. Although she is goth she loves Fashion of all kinds and wants to be a designer which is why she joined the fashion club and is one of its most talented members. She can’t stand Aziza thinking she has a superiority complex.

Solem/ Mexican/ Anime Club/ Green/ Force Fields/ White Coven:
Solem is a peaceful person that also is quite a nerd for many things: video games, books, comics, cartoons, and of course anime. Even though he could talk about these things for hours he knows not a lot of people are into his interest so he knows to hold back his inner fanboy. Although everyone at school knows he’s a huge nerd many of the students that know him don’t mind because once he takes his glasses off they are surprised at how cute and sweet he looks. Solem has the power to create force fields which comes in hand during P.E. protecting him from sports that use balls. Solem is gifted with protection spells and is the only one in his Coven that can create impenetrable barriers; which he created around his Coven which shields anyone who is not a member of the White Coven from entering. He is a member of the school’s Anime Club which is were he lets his nerd self go crazy. He can’t stand Nate due to his personality and overall being a douche.

Nate/ White/ Anime Club/ Black/ Shape Shifting/ Night Coven:
Nate is infamous throughout the whole town as a prankster and a troublemaker. Often taking a joke and a prank too far but enjoys it all the same. He doesn’t believe in personal space when it comes to girls often getting close and commenting on their appearance mainly chest and rear. He has the power to shapeshift which he uses to trick people and prank them. He is a member of the Anime Club but mostly enjoys Anime that requires a person to be a legal adult to watch. He doesn’t like Solem because his powers protect him from being hurt by his pranks.

Katie/ Chinese/ Science Club/ Pink/ Mind Reading/ White Coven:
Katie is a very shy girl often avoiding contact with most people including her friends in the Coven. She does this due to her power to read minds which she hates because she doesn’t want to invade other people’s privacy but is unable to turn her powers off. She spends mostly all her time with animals because their thoughts are calming to her and she often communicates with them. She is a member of the Science Club so she can learn more about animals so that she can be a Veterinarian when she’s older. She is also studying healing magic to help her friends in the Coven. She is scared of Amelia because of the thoughts she hears and sees from her.

Amelia/ Irish/ Science Club/ Orange/ Pain Transference/ Night Coven:
Amelia is a very peppy and energetic girl often only wearing what she deems “cute” clothes with pictures of cute cartoon animals. She skips wherever she goes and is super sweet to everyone she talks to, seeing everything as rainbows and sunshine. Her power is Pain Transference, this ability allows her to transfer any physical pain she feels both self inflicted and not to the person in front of her or trying to harm her. She often uses this power in random people jumping and giggling at seeing their pain. She is a member of the Science Club because she enjoys cutting things open and seeing the innards of the dead animals she dissects. She adores Katie as she does every one else but thinks it’s rude that she reads her happy thoughts.

Vella/ Indian/ Drama Club/ Sky Blue/ Intangibility/ White Coven:
Vella is one of the most popular girls in school for her beauty and warm personality. Vella believes in judging people on their actions and personality rather than appearance. Vella has the power of intangibility which allows her to go through objects and even avoid most spells, she is excellent at ritual magic that requires a ritual dance or incantation. Vella is a member of the Drama Club because she loves the theater. She has worked her whole life in the performing arts and is talented at dancing, singing, acting, make up, and basically anything else that can help in theater. Whether it’s a lead role, or a minor role, working backstage or helping clean up afterwards Vella works hard to help herself and her fellow actors shine. Vella doesn’t like Claudia because of how she treats others and how she uses magic to aid her rather than using her own talents.

Claudia/ Mexican/ Drama Club/ Magenta/ Love Manipulation/ Night Coven:
Claudia is the most famous girl throughout the whole town for her beauty, personality, clothes, the way she walks, basically everything about her! She even has her own fan club that follows her around school doing her bidding. Claudia treats others however she wants, knowing full well she can. This is because of her power of Love Manipulation which allows her to control the emotion of love which she uses to make everyone around her simply love her like a pop star. She also knows many dangerous deadly spells that she is not afraid to use. Claudia is a member of the Drama Club and is the main reason why it’s the number one club in the school, because she uses magic to get all the lead roles and uses her powers to draw in audiences mainly to watch her on stage. Rumor has it that Claudia tried to invite Vella to her personal clique but was turned down. Now she can’t stand even looking at that loser.

Thomas/ White/ Art Club/ Grey/ Electrokinesis/ White Coven:
Thomas is a very quiet and reserved young man who usually hides in the background when with others, hiding his face in his hoodie. The only time he speaks is with his friends in the White Coven and even then he keeps his hands in his pockets and only speaks when he feels is relevant. Because of this and how handsome he is, he is quite popular in school as the lone wolf that everyone wants to get close enough to be special to him. His power is Electrokinesis which is the ability to control electricity. He has trained himself to perfectly control his power which makes him a very skilled combat Witch. Thomas is a member of the Art Club and is quite a good artist mostly focused on sketching and computer art. Thomas and Zack have a complicated past and it doesn’t help that they are in rival families.

Zack/ French/ Art Club/ Copper/ Energy Drain/ Night Coven:
A member of a family of famous Night Witches Zack is a well groomed and charming gentleman. He doesn’t resort to using his powers to deal with people and get what he wants because he is very persuasive and can charm a fish out of water with his smile. But he’s not afraid in using magic if he wants to get to the point. Zack had the deadly ability called Energy Drain which allows him to drain the magic and stamina of whoever he chooses through energy beams, he can also use his powers physical which if he does he can temporarily steal the powers of a Witch he made contact with. Zack is a member of the Art club focusing mainly on painting and sculptures. His art always fetches a high price with the students at the school. He views Thomas as an amusing weakling, just like his family views Thomas’s family.

Oliver/ White/ Fantasy Club/ Knight:
A boy who moved into town with his younger twin sister a month and a half before the MC arrived. Although he’s only been in school for a few weeks he’s already the star player and captain of all the schools sport teams and is very popular because of this and for his handsome looks, muscular body, kind personality, and intelligence. He is a member of the school’s Fantasy Club and even though he is busy with sport activities he always spends an hour after school in the club because he finds it relaxing and fun. His characters Class in the clubs adventure board game Adventure and Dragons is a Knight which he is proud to be. He thinks of his sister Nina as a rival, especially in the Fantasy Club.

Nina/ White (Tells people she’s French)/ Fantasy Club/ Enchantress:
Nina is the younger twin sister of Oliver who moved with him to the city were the MC moved to a month and a half before. Before moving she was a student at a very prestigious boarding school in Paris France which she misses terribly but had to switch schools to be with her family. Upon Nina’s first week of school she became the top student of the whole school with the highest test scores in the school’s history. She’s not only smart and beautiful but she’s also very fashionable, talented in both singing and dancing, and a fantastic baker. The boys in the school have given her the title of Ultimate Girlfriend but sadly she has no desire to date. She is a member of many intellectual school activities and also part of the fashion and music club, but her favorite club is the Fantasy Club which her brother also is a member of. Her character’s Class in the clubs board game is Enchantress, a class which uses both singing and dancing for combat. She doesn’t really view her brother as a rival like he does
her, but just as her brother that can get under her skin.

@OracleD3 feel free to tell me I’m wrong and make me correct stuff.


Isn’t Claudia from the Night Coven?


Yeah :sweat_smile: I put her in the wrong one :sweat_smile:
Thanks for noticing


Hey guys I have a question about the current scene I’m working on. Basically it’s the scene when the MC sees the Secret Coven Witches dancing around a ring of fire wearing red cloaks, markings made of blood, naked, and wearing freshly cut animal heads over there faces. And what I want to know is… is this crossing the line of appropriate for a host game??? Cuz while they dance in the center of the ring are children wearing white hurtled up because there scared of course, and in the shadows are demons appear and once the Secret Coven finish their ritual dance the demons pounce into the ring and start eating the children.
Soooooooooo I don’t want to get in trouble by the awesome admins lol so can someone tell me if this should be edited for a rated teen up story?


So they’re wearing red cloaks, yet they’re naked at the same time?

That seems a bit odd.

As for the actual scene itself, it depends. The only thing I see peoppe having a problem is with the whole ‘demons eating the children’ thing. The clothes are fine.

If this kind of scene is only a one time thing, to show how ruthless the Secret Coven Witches are, then I personally think that it should be kept.

However, if your planning on adding more of these overly gory scenes to the Secret Coven Witches, then I’d just scrap that part and go for something a bit more subtle.

If Outlast 2 has taught me anything, it’s that a shit ton of overly gory scenes doesn’t scare the reader. It just makes them roll their eyes at how edgy and pretentious the producers are.


I like how this is the first thing you noticed :joy:

I agree with this


I guess it would also depend on how graphically it was described. If it was like you wrote it here, you would probably get away with it a lot more than if it was described in full gory detail.


Seriously? What’s with the animal heads and being naked? :rolling_eyes:


Paganism :heartbeat:


I mean, it is quite odd. Maybe their red cloaks are somehow revealing, showing the boobles and dingdongs in all their glory?

This is another good point. Saying “The demons ate the children” is a lot more tamer than saying “The demons tore the flesh of the younglings and feasted on their organs, as their screams echoed throughout the room.”[quote=“Arkham, post:2426, topic:20209”]
Seriously? What’s with the animal heads and being naked? :rolling_eyes:

Who knows? They’re the Secret Coven, after all.

As far as we know, maybe they just do that kind of stuff for shits and giggles.


From my point of view all three covens are lame and immature, the White Coven seems the least disappointing for now because they at least seem to act in accordance with their name. The Night Coven seems like a bunch of spoiled brats and jerks while still afraid of breaking the big rules, and the Secret Coven is just gross. I don’t need such people in my new world order. :pensive:


I definitely agree with you there.

But I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the Secret Coven.

The intentions of the White and Night Coven are clear as daylight (hell, it’s literally on the first post), so that gives us something to work with. On top of this, the creator has provided a list of all the people in each coven, including their personality and powers (which I think are the most important aspects of the witches). This gives us even more right to come to a conclusion with them.

And then there’s the Secret Coven. Other than that small tidbit, you know absolutely nothing about them. Their intentions, their members, what kind of powers they have and all other information about aren’t available.

Your best bet would be to meet them in the game and interact with them. Only then, would you be able to actually make a sound judgement on them.


This is literally the most hyped game I have ever seen on this forum. Especially without a single WIP release yet! This fact alone is getting me excited.


We all know that the most hyped game without a release yet is Star Citizen, lol.


Lol they are naked underneath and the cloak is red from the blood of there victims. A cult needs cloaks after all lol.

Ehhh it might be? I’m still debating whether or not to have a scene where they throw babies in a bonfire. But for the most part yah this would be the only scene…in this story lol.

I was thinking when the demons pounce the MC looks away and I just graphically explain what they hear.

They are crazy serial killers lol so there magic also has to have some crazy requirements.

Yup completely naked with markings on their body’s.

Lol well you are the Miraculum so that new world order will be coming soon.

I can always provide that information lol and it’s already been slightly mentioned what the Secret Coven want with you individually but not as a whole.

I know it’s so much pressure lol I was just expecting a few people to like this not a bunch. That’s one of the reasons the demo is taking so long. Don’t want to disappoint.


Lol, like I said, that’s why Star Citizen got pushed back because of the enormous hype surrounding it. Not to pressure you or anything, lol.


Can we eat the roasted babies afterwards? :slight_smile: