A Witch's Path (WIP)



Would totally love a scene like that. I also had the image of my character being super passive but my knight being like my angers, Crazy side. Like a Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll type deal


kind of yes and kind of no i always imagined him as kinda of a quite knight who if he wanted something he kind of tried to communicate another way like if he wanted to cheer me up he just coldly went away and came back with a puppy or something. and if you want to add humor it could come up at the news that something broke in to the animal shelter and stole a puppy


I kind of imagined them having freewill as they were part of your conscious and wanders around a lot like they could be in the need to help or could utterly refuse to assist the MC when they are in danger.


When a character wants to romance the MC:

“What?! You wish to frolick in the fields with milady?!”


or it could play like this…
MC: so, I umm…Kinda like you (RO)
RO: really? well…
Guardian: don’t say it, don’t say it…
RO: I kinda like you too!
Guardian: growls
MC: oh! I never knew you felt the same!
Guardian: I swear…if they
Both lean in
Guardian: that’s it!
leaps out of nowhere, holds sword to the RO’s throat…plans to at least
MC: screams inside
is in fact the one being kissed, RO stares
all three: ummm…
MC: death glare
guardian disappears

I love my brain sometimes!


What would he do if you were angry? :thinking:


I would like my guardian to be a loyal minion who praises my greatness and overwhelming power a lot. :hugging:


i don’t even wanna know…maybe kill some people I suppose but I guess anything can happen…


If you choose gaurdian manifestation could you also choose its gender, and how it looks?


lol that’s is a good idea but that would mean even more writing lol so he will have a set personality no matter your MCs personality. You know to make it easier.

lol actually your familiar will be more of a conscience he will agree with any decision you make so he’s more of for support.

Ehhh kind of all tree? He will agree and support any decision you make but will voice his concern if your decision might bring you harm.

Lol when it comes to protecting you from harm he is crazy lol.

Lol he is mostly quiet mostly only speaking when spoken too and only by you. Lol and I don’t think he would be comfortable leaving your side for even a second plus he’s tethered to you so he couldn’t leave even if he wanted to.

He does have a will of his own since he’s a spirit and not part of your mind. But he’s 100% loyal to you so he wouldn’t dare refuse your call.

lol I think he would only do that if he sensed that you were in danger from that person like Amelia or Zack.

Nope sorry it will be a male black shadow knight.

But in the next story A Witches Hunt your power will grow and you will gain a second knight a woman made of light.


She reminds me of a Vindictus paladin.

Masochism prevention :blush: best knight.


Masochism prevention :unamused: worst knight.
(Just kidding. But if he gets in the way of Amelia torturing me I’ll definitely banish him lol)


Every time I see you you seem like more of a masochist, the legendary sadomasochist?!

I on the other hand will have him give me 24 hour shoulder rubs and back massages.


I am the most masochistic masochist to ever walk this earth!!! evil laugh


So not a sadomasochist… could’ve fooled me…

Amelia’s power is the best match for you I guess.


:relieved: hmmhm oh yes nods

Although sometimes I like to deliver I prefer being on the receiving end of things…


Which she can then transfer back to you, it’s a masochistic circuit.


Which means she and I are perfect for each other :heart_eyes:


I need to wait till I can transfer pain so that I can send it back to her, I wonder if she can take a punch in a fight :thinking:


I have kind of skimmed through the 2400 posts (to the point of me writing this). I don’t see a link to the WIP, but to me it seems like people are talking like they’ve played. Is there a link I somehow just missed? And if so, maybe add it to the original post.

The posts I have read, it sounds like a good game. Well thought out and detailed.