A Witch's Path (WIP)



Hey @OracleD3 if you have a romance with a human will you be able to grant them any powers or turn them into a thrall or something like that?


What does love manipulation mean?


So is there a demo to play yet since this is interesting


He’s still working on it. But I have faith we will one day play it.


Lol maybe or maybe you can give them some witch hunter equipment and have them be your bodyguard lol.


It means she can control the emotion of Love so she can make you fall in love with her or with anything lol like make a girl fall in love with eating cake so they can get fat and laugh at them.


Lmao listen to this song girls this is how the RO Amelia feels about your female MC :joy:


Yep. It is decided. Amelia is the best romance in this game. What do you think @Dark_Stalker?


I decided that when I heard she likes hurting random people with her power.

Is she not for guy’s skin too?


Lol no with guys she’s like “Hold my hand and let’s skip together. YAY!!!” But with girls it’s a jealousy attraction lol.


The danger lures me. Just imagine how awesome it’d be if you woke up strapped to your bed with amelia towering over you and threatening to never let you leave that room again unless you become her girlfriend. That is 10/10 girlfriend material my good sir.


Your masochistic side is coming out.


+10 masochist, +10 insanity, +10 sadistic. New rank in supreme masochist achieved!


I always fall for Aston Martin (Yes, I am a fan of James Bond, but it is not about him. I also am a car nerd.), so there are different special names for Aston Martin. Aston Martin Vanquish S!


Love me some Witches, looking foreward to it.


Hey guys just curious to all who are planning to choose Gaurdian Materialization as their active power, would you guys like scenes were you talk to your knight? Like your MC is stressing out and your Knight manifest itself and you talk to him about your problems.
And to let you know how he is, he will call you milord/malady. And here are some lines he says in the story:
When you summon him to fight a demon:
“Filthy creature. You dare try to harm my master!? YOU ARE NOT WORTHY TO BASK IN HER PRESENCE!”

Summoning him during your duel with Dante:
“Foolish child. You dare challenge milord and believe to stand a chance? Your magic is nothing compared to my masters.”

Just a rough draft but that’s basically him lol. Also this image reminded me of him lol:


cool. one idea what if the guardian have our personality or even better the opposite of our personality? if our type is flirtatious the guardian’s will be shy and so on. (ง ò ͜ʖ ó )ง


That would be cool. Like having them be like your conscience like in Pinocchio.


Absolutely [quote=“OracleD3, post:2392, topic:20209”]
Like your MC is stressing out and your Knight manifest itself and you talk to him about your problems.

Would they be able to give advice and concerns, act as a sound board, or are they like “yes men” in this kind of instance?


Love the idea. And that pic is sick dude, 10/10 :sunglasses:.