A Witch's Path (WIP)



Yes. (20 characters)


That’s mad to you???


Ok here are 2 things… well I guess 1 thing I would like to discuss.
I would like the opinion from the girls and certain guys about Nate. Some of you don’t like him(because you’re not stupid) because of his personality and what not. I would like to know what would he have to do to get into your radar as RO potential? He’s based off this guy from MTVs Scream, forgot his name just that he had HUGE eyebrows. And just a typical party boy, perverted, thinks he can get any girl jock. So what would it take???
Also saw this show Salem didn’t like it only watched 2 episodes but from what I saw it’s basically good example for the Secret Coven. Here’s a trailer for the show


This song matches you and @Dark_Stalker in my opinion: also love her lol


I agree this sentence does seem confusing

MC sees the **Secret Coven Witches dancing around a ring of fire wearing red cloaks, markings made of blood, naked, and wearing freshly cut animal heads over there faces

Maybe try something along the lines of this:

Secret Coven Witches dancing around a ring of fire; the only thing covering their naked bodies are red cloaks, seemingly freashly removed animal heads over their faces, and marking made of dried blood on their flesh


Yeah now that I think about its just another day on tumbler isn’t it


Lol thank you but I was looking to see if it was appropriate but thank you all the same.


I’m not crazy, just morally non conformist :blush: Though I guess that can go under genetics :laughing:


That’s a good song, thanks for the newest addition to my library :smiley:.

So far the image of the Secret Coven you’ve painted for us is creepy/sinister rather than outright scary/overdone which in my opinion is a good thing. :thumbsup:

In regards to Nate: I can’t really say, I only like women so that’s who I go for every time. The male ROs I only pursue to see the different interactions, dialogues and such so I can’t say what could put him in other people’s radar :thinking:… Though if I had to guess I’d say to try to make his jokes a little less obtrusive? Like, maybe not let the guy touch my boobs in his body? Idk man (shrug)


Or inside my head :thinking:


Finally, after about a day and a half, I have gone through this thread and all I can say is I’m really looking forward to this. I really like the ideas here and I think this will be very interesting.

I was just wondering if Amelia has ever felt pain or if it had always been sent to someone else?


Aww thank you ^////^. And to answer your question yes Amelia has never felt pain it’s always been sent to someone else sometimes on purpose sometimes by accident.


Well, that changes my opinion of Amelia a little. Less of a complete monster but instead someone who doesn’t have any personal understanding of what she’s doing to people.

Or maybe she is a complete monster and I’m completely mistaken or trying to hard to find the best side of people


“It’s all in good fun tee-hee.”


Why you didn’t like it? It tackles around witchcraft and sexism against women and how the witches should fight back. (And the game you’re working is about witches after all except it set in modern time.) Is it because the tone is dark or is it historically inaccurate about the Salem trial?


I think it’s cuz the tone was more dark than I’m used too. The darkest show I ever seen was American Horror Story and that’s only because I loved Coven it was amazing! But Salem ehhhhh there was like no characters I liked, the story was creepy, and I just didn’t like it. I kept checking my phone while I was watching it so that’s what told me I wouldn’t like it lol. But it matches the tone of how I wanted the Secret Coven to act.


Lol maybe just a little but if you try to befriend/romance her you can try to change how she acts. Just have to scold her before/after she try’s to swallow a razed to see how a old man acts from the pain.


Ehhh I like dark stuff in my fiction. I want the darkness to consume my soul. It’s no game of thrones or any knockoff that came after the game of thrones popularity so I see were you coming from.


Game of thrones is pretty dark but not consume your soul dark. It’s more anyone can be killed off and it will be bloody along with political shenanigans dark. It’s not like the berserk manga. Now that gets pretty dark.


You mean that light hearted reverse harem shoujo manga?