A Witch's Path (WIP)



If I went to meet one of the Great Witches and saw that coming at me I’d turn tail and run as fast as I can. I’m not easily creeped out, but seriously dude, that pic is creeping me out. :frowning2:
But on a side note: I like your description of the character :ok_hand:, she sounds intriguing.


lol maybe these pics of her might help ease your mind:


:scream: By god KILL IT WITH FIRE!!.. oh wait we cant. :sob:


First thing I’m doing when I see her is give her a pinch on the cheek.

Just look at that face. Too cute.


She must die… even faster than Soloman…


Can she negate even our powers?


Hmmm, I don’t know.

Could a 300+ year old witch who’s literally known as one of the “great immortal witches” have the ability to negate the powers of a novice witch who’s 3 years behind in their training?

You tell me. :expressionless:


Maybe if it’s about skill. If it’s about raw power…


well they have a big bubble around them how do you kill powerful witches…you drop a house on them then steal their shoes.


While I like leather, I don’t really like any of that other stuff, such as ripped jeans (or just ripped clothing in general), piercings (with the exception of the ears in guys cute enough to handle that) and especially not tattoos. My mc would never ever do tattoos or wear ripped clothing by choice, if his clothing is ripped it would probably be from a fight, not for fashion.


lol won’t tell :wink:


lol here’s a AMV I really like about that little girl I based Eliza on. Thought this character was really cool which is why I’m basing her on them. Oh and if you want you can symbolize what’s happening in the video with this lol here’s how:
The girl in the bubble: Your MC with their full power but evil
Those cards: you taking the magic/powers of other witches.
The characters: Witches trying to stop you.
That’s what I imagined when I saw this the first time lol not the amv the actual movie.


Wait! We can even absorb the powers of other witches? Just how OP is the MC at full power…


Lol if you watch the video so OP that other witches magic/powers can’t even hurt you.


Usually I picture my MCs wearing the same style of clothing I do. But I see how my ripped (fairly earned) clothes etc could be uncomfortable for other people. :slight_smile:
But do tell, what would be your MC’s style?


@OracleD3, thank you for introducing me to this beautiful anime; its called Sakura right?
EDIT: nope, its called Cardcaptor Sakura, my mistake!


I already posted that a while back in this thread. But just to recap:
Something like this:


or this:

This would sort of bridge formal and casual:

And for casual:

or slightly more dressed up:

So, in short big on the black leather you mentioned, not so much on the rest.:wink:

Oh, except for that silly sorting ceremony we have to do with the current 12 and 13 year olds, for that he’ll just rent an upscale catering uniform and say that it was a catering job for this weird pre-teen party to any non-magical friends he might make.


I see we are turning the thread back into a fashion runway …


Is there a post detailing the ROs? Couldn’t find one in my journey of endless scrolling


Abel & Dante post 411
Aziza & Jane post 425
Solem & Nate post 676
Katie & Amilia post 695
Vella & Claudia post 765
Thomas & Zack post 844
Oliver & Nina post 1547