A Witch's Path (WIP)



can someone tell me what grimoires there are please?


Off the top of my head (they’re pretty much scattered around comments 1300-1800 I think)
*Stylish leather bound
*Black leather with chains wrapped around it aka the heavy metal grimoire
*The Grimoire of The Silent Maiden(?) The one with ze face.
*The one with a green gem on the cover
(Can’t remember the names of any of them and I think there are like, 2-3 more?)


Do you have to romance or can you tell everyone to go screw themselves


I dont know if you can tell everyone to go **** off but you dont have to romance anyone


That’s cool. My MC would most likely be a casual relationship kind of guy anyway.


I believe you can also double time people :thinking:


@OracleD3 I’ve a question, if you may: From what I’ve read my understanding is that both the White and the Night Covens see murdering other witches as crime that gets you burned at the stake. If that’s the case then would I only be able to murder other witches if I joined the Secret Coven, or can I join one of the others and I’d be safe to kill people as long as no one finds out?


@oracled3 Speaking about covens if you become a renegade will you be able to start your own coven?


Yup a witch cannot kill a fellow witch unless in self defense or if that witch has broken the laws of witchcraft or they are a member of the Secret Coven . If a witch kills another witch they are burned at the stake for their crime.

Yup only if you join that Coven or you can be in the Night or White Coven and kill Secret Coven Witches. In fact the White Coven had special forces that hunt down Secret Coven Witches.


Yup in fact during the choosing ceremony there are more choices than choosing White or Night.


The White Coven had special witch hunting forces. Huh, I wasn’t expecting that. I thought they were the goody two shoes people. Thanks for the clarification btw :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for a demo to come out for this wip. The amount of time you are putting into this is incredible. It already seems well thought out :slightly_smiling_face:.


Though then again I’d be crazy in that situation too…

Sounds barbaric. Solomon deserves it. Or maybe a bloody eagle…


@OracleD3 one last question will there be any mention of the salem witch trials?


Because they are the goody two shoes Coven is exactly why thay have those kind of forces. They know that Witches of the Secret Coven kill humans and witches to sustain their powers so they believe they need to stop them.
They also have task forces that locate grimoires, fight demons, help magical creatures and humans.
lol I guess people weren’t expecting that huh?


Its tradition that’s why you shouldn’t kill lol.


Of course it is the era were the Secret Coven was founded.


I hope I do a good job on the history of the Covens and all the back information. Hope it all makes sense and believable.


With the little lore I have seen it all looks good to me.


Hey guys wanted to give you guys info on a key character you will meet in this story also give you guys a fun fact my co author found interesting.
So fun fact we already know that bringing people back from the dead is possible since it was your fathers power, and if you have his power and are Witch enough you can bring yourself back from the dead. Fun fact if you died from being burned at the stake or just burned alive if you are brought back you will have red hair, golden eyes, and magical powers increased. Witches have called this the Phoenix Gift.
Now onto information on The Immortal Witch you will meet in book one:
Name: Her Eminence Eliza the Silent
Age: 335
Appearance Age: 10
Power: Negate Magic- The power to keep a witch from using their magic and powers.
Aura: Onyx
Information: Eliza 1 out 5 of the great Imortal Witches and the youngest looking of the 5. Despite having the appearance of a child Eliza is actually one of the wisest Witches in the world and if you believe the rumors the wisest of the 5. Eliza is rarely seen the most is once every few years and even rarely speaks more than a few words giving her the title The Silent. Rumor has it she knows the secrets of the whole world and keeps it to herself wherever she spends her time hidden.
Appearance: I’m basing her off this character but only face, eyes and hair style. She will have a grey hair and the length will be long enough we’re it drags behind her.