A Witch's Path (WIP)



@OracleD3, Daniel, please tell us we’ll be able to do that at some point. :smiling_imp:


Whatever da fu** they want. They’re the most powerful witch to ever walk the earth, who the hell is gonna stop 'em?
“Screw the Covens! I’ll make my own Coven!”


Well when you put it that way how can I not resist :smiling_imp:


I would take Telekinesis for offensive. Pain Illusion sounds good but it wouldn’t have any effect on things that are not alive. Portal Creation for defensive. And Empathy for the…flavor.


come on man empathy wouldn’t work there would be a huge hole in your defenses what you should get is premonition so you would know when to put down your portals plus if its flavor you want then you should just watch yourself kill the guy after you kill the guy!:smiling_imp:


Is premonition working all the time though? I thought it could be pretty random maybe.


Well… Supposedly MC will be able to cast spells rather than using their ability later on in the game so I don’t see not being able to harm things that aren’t alive with your main power as too big of a draw back.


No I think the empathy is random but the premonition would prob be random in the beginning but then after practising then I think you can control it


Lol looks like you have everything figured out except for your grimoire and outfit types. Any idea who you might romance?


If it’s true for premonition it should be true for empathy too. And it would become boring very quickly to know everything before it happens. Perfection is boring, is fun to aim for it but boring if you achieve it.


Lol maybe but wouldn’t you want to use that power to help the community :sweat_smile:… lol jk.


Quick question how many grimoire types are there?


Empathy works all the time while premonition only activates when something important you need to see.


So like when your about to be hit with a killing blow?


or does it matter what the mc sees as important


If that’s the case then my premonition would only serve the purpose of seeing ROs during their shower time :heart_eyes:[quote=“OracleD3, post:2325, topic:20209”]
looks like you have everything figured out except for your grimoire and outfit types. Any idea who you might romance?
Worry not, I shall state all my intentions :grin: (as soon as I’m not in an overcrowded bus… :disappointed_relieved:)




Why, thank you kind sir/madam :hugging:


its sir my good sir/madam


Grimoire: The one with the face (its name eludes me, sorry :sweat:) and Jo Wyatt’s or Alix Wilton Regan’s voice.
Outfits: Eh… This is a hard one :thinking:. I’d say probably the victory girl outfit for the White Coven MC, ze classic witch for the Secret Coven MC, something with a dashing black dress for Night Coven MC and something with lots of leather/ripped jeans + piercings and tattoos for Rebel MC (< this doubles as casual for Night Coven MC).
Romance: (by play order) Amelia is love, Amelia is life.
Katie would probably run to the hills if she even glimpsed the tiniest bit of my mind, don’t mean I won’t try tho’.
All the others, but since Amelia, Katie and Nina are the ones that stuck around they get dibs.