A Supernatural Story WIP (Next Update: Late January/Early Febuary)



I’d definitely recommend lol amazing series.


And cost the mc their body, likely their appearance and quite possibly their life. Again no power is worth losing yourself, imho.

Ack, no, no, no and no. The only way for both the entity and the (old) mc to “win” but also lose at the same time is if they’d truly merge to form a new person.
I hope that searching for a way to get rid of the entity and learning to guard the mc’s mind and body against the hostile takeover will be a valid course throughout the game.


Usually curiosity killed the cat, but now it killed the cat’s sibling.

Oh well…more power for the MC, and at least now he’ll never be truly alone anymore. Symbiotic entity for the win!

If the MC’s situation is the same as Parasite’s MC then I don’t think we have to worry about our physical appearance because it will remain the same. That is, of course, as long as you don’t activate it’s power, if so, only then will your afflicted body part(s) change. It’ll be harder to do it when the entity has sentience (like Migi does) because you’ll have to argue/convince it to do as you say, of course, but at least you’ll always have a second opinion when you’re trying to make a decision.

That said, I don’t think @Red_Eyes meant for it to be taken so literally, instead of a biological symbiotic entity, I’m guessing it’s more of a supernatural (or is it supranatural? My brain is tired) symbiotic entity, in which case, you’ll only need to look out for glowing marks, dark blood vein, or other sign of possession when you let it take over, other wise, you’re just as usual.

Disclaimer : This statement was made under the assumption that the entity is not an actively malevolent one that wishes harm upon its host, but rather one that is concerned with the continuation of its host’s life, or is one that does not have a will of it’s own. :dizzy_face:


There’s a Parasite MC?


Oh, sorry for misleading you, what I meant was the MC of the anime title parasite.


I was actually operating under more of the assumption that it would be like the goa’uld of Stargate, who are a) mostly power-hungry and malevolent and to that end like to take over the host’s body entirely and b) if I recall correctly destroy the host’s original mind and personality in the process. So, yes, for the mc that would obviously be a fate worse than death.
It could still be a merger type of deal, but that would lead to a situation like in the Myrmidon where after the prologue we’d essentially get a new mc with the appearance and contrary to the Myrmidon maybe some of the memories of the old one.

Still I’m not innocent of assumptions myself, more precisely the assumption that the entity would be mostly self-interested and possibly even actively malevolent.


You are right on the money my friend, the entity is supernatural in nature. I’m still wishy washy on what exactly it is. I could go cliche and make it a demon of some kind, since the thing will be contained in an object before the MC comes in contact with it. It can’t take full control of the MC because, like in Parasyte, something goes wrong in the take over process. I was also thinking that the MC’s appearance would morph the longer the entity is with them, or by how much they are corrupted by the entity’s influence. Of course the MC could resist the temptations.

The whole other thing with this entity is that it opens the MC’s mind to a completely different side of their world, something that would be impossible to connect to without the entitiy’s presence and power. The entity affects the MC’s abilities, to what extent, I’m still figuring that out.


So kinda like the guy who shares his body with a wraith in Shadow of Mordor.


I’ll need more detail, what kind of change would occur to the MC? Is it easily noticable? Can we hide it? Can we reverse it? And more importantly, will virgin sacrifices sates it’s hunger? Err…ignore that last bit.

Spoiler for Shadow of War, do not read unless you've reached act IV in the game! Or read it anyway, I'm not the boss of you.

Ringwraith Talion is better than Celebrimbor-possessed Talion IMO.


Was hoping we got to go after him and the elf lady and get revenge, even though I was expecting him to do something like that in the end.


Progress Report 3!

I’ve been doing a lot of construction in the beginning pages of chapter one. I ended up rewriting most of the scenes, there was just a few scenes I thought were unnecessary. So, the word count has dropped but only to 15,749 words. It should spike back up soon.

I’ll need more detail, what kind of change would occur to the MC? Is it easily noticable? Can we hide it? Can we reverse it? And more importantly, will virgin sacrifices sates it’s hunger? Err…ignore that last bit.

No, there will be no virgin sacrifices as far as I know, however there is something that the parasite craves. However, I’ll need to explain what the parasite exactly is first.

What I came up with is that the parasite comes from a different dimension, one where magic runs rampant. It’s apart of a race of quasi-cosmic parasites that lack a physical body. They are known as on of their dimension’s oldest races and feed off of a being’s life energy. They live just under five hundred years, but the amount of life energy consumed adds on to their life span. Without a host they are vulnerable to magic, but with enough life energy they can be a force to recon with.

What usually happens is that they take control of a victim and force itself to control the body, shoving the victim’s consciousness to the back seat. Kind of like that void thing from Get Out, if you’ve ever seen that movie. The victim dies in their head, the parasite drains them of all of their life energy and uses the body as a shell until it doesn’t need it anymore.

The parasite that hitches an unwanted ride with are MC was caught by a group of Magi’s from it’s dimension, sealed into a gem and hurled through a dimensional rift. Through unknown means it lands on earth in the year 45 A.D and lays dormant until a line of unfortunate people find it.

What happens to our MC is that something stops that process from completing and they are left with an extra voice in their head that subtly influences their behavior with every choice they make. They start to have small parts of their body change like eye color, may be even have a second form to shift into.

Guys I’m realizing that I’m creating a world that has a lot of world building in it which is fun but also daunting. I’m thinking about finally getting into some supernatural territory in chapter two. Probably to get vampires and werewolves out of the way. What I really want to focus on is the magic aspect and on the small magic community on earth.



I wonder if we can hold conversations with them? Can’t wait to see how that’ll play out.


But can the MC speak to it?


I’d pacify that Btch lol


Progress Report 4!

Finally! I’ve finished writing Chapter 1!!!

But there isn’t an interaction with the parents yet…darn it. I was planning on having them play a big part in Chapter one, but I had better ideas. At least you get to meet your sister!


Have this been updated yet cause it’s today right


Can I ask you if it’s possible to input your character’s name in a future update to your wip? Just wondering!


Time Zones :disappointed:


Update is coming soon guys!

I’m not sure what time tomorrow, as it’s still the 16th where I live, but it should be sometime in the afternoon.

Oh yeah, name input! That’s definitely a thing that I’ll put in later. If I figure out how that is.


The update is live everyone!

But be warned, it is a very buggy update and filled with errors. I’m sorry I couldn’t quite get it up at the date i promised, I had to finish one of my take home exams because you know, procrastination. The writing might also feel kind of wonky, but like any WIP this isn’t the final product, hopefully…

Another thing! The first chapter is loooooong and there isn’t a save system yet so…oops!

Right now it’s 2:42 am and my mom is giving me hell to go to bed, so I’m going to do just that.

Please report any bugs you can find!