A Psychological Thriller -The Hypnotist (OPEN DEMO LIVE)



So guys, we have decided to release the demo, hopefully you will enjoy, more information is on this opening page of this thread


I think the link you posted is for private viewing. If I remember correctly you need to change the “dl” part of the link to www for it to be public.


My apologies its this one



Thank you for letting me know!


ok. I got through what you posted. It has a Hunger games vibe to it; very fast paced. It can continue to develop well but it is a demanding task-master to write to.

Good start; more needs to be there for better feedback. As an interest check, it made the cut.


Glad your enjoyed it, at the moment it is relatively quick as I want the reader to get to the scenarios as they are the main aspects of the game

However the next update will be play through with the questions will slow the pace down quite a bit as there is a hell of a lot of options in that part


Hey all I’m Kelvin (obviously) and I’m helping @ImagineAWorldWhere and @febuardo by coding this story. Anyway we are going to switch over to dashingdon.com to host our demo

(Working demo above)

If it doesn’t work please let me know. Within an hour or so I will be updating this demo correcting a few minor spelling mistakes. But there will be no new content.

This will eventually be put in the top message but as @ImagineAWorldWhere and I live in different time zones that may take a while. Thank you for your patience!


Change log:
Changed canidate 3 to candidate 3.
Changed “menacing” to “inquisitive”.
Edited the first three paragraphs.


Content Update

Just to let you know where we currently are. At the moment me and Febuardo are in the process of writing the play through with candidate number 1. This section will include 6 main options with numerous sub options. Now, what we had planned is to release the next update with all pathways complete. Would you guys prefer to see the candidate 1 playthrough first? Or wait for the rest of the options to be complete but this could take at least a month due to exams and such. Please bare in mind candidate 1 play through will include a lot of content.

Please let us know, so we can make sure its finished in the next few days!


Whichever you chose communicate when you want re-reads. Sometimes it is confusing to know when to help - feedback is useful only when focused.


Sure, would you prefer to see an earlier update or wait a month or so?


I will make time either way, just gotta know in advance so I can make it. The bigger update would give you better feedback in my opinion.


Yes I would agree, but a months wait won’t be enjoyable for you guys?


A month goes by fast. I am working on my own WiP so I’ll use that time writing myself.


Okay awesome! Well we will try and finish all pathways as soon as possible, one main option for candidate 1 has already reached 1.4k words and that’s not even finished


I know the feeling. I had a scene go from 3,000 words to 6,000… so I’m getting further behind as this one part keeps growing on itself.

I let the story write itself so it is my own fault - it is just frustrating because I want to share my writing with everyone …so I understand your frustration.

on the other hand, it will mean a better story this way :smile_cat:


Yep, it will all pull together in the end!


Well, it certainly looks promising. The Hypnotist sounds like The Purple Man from Marvel which is awesome. I just hope that you don’t do that thing where you give several options but only one doesn’t get you killed. It’s annoying. I hope to see interesting female characters too. Keep at it mate, I’m hooked!


Wow man, thanks! The story is extremely complicated and I would love to tell you the juicy bits… But that will spoil it for you. Can tell you if you message me 1:1 so I don’t spoil it. But, even though there’s a possibility of you dying it’s not as it all seems. We have finished designing the other candidates, at the moment we have been working on candidate 1 and with the choice pathways they are not even 1/6ths complete and is over 1k words. But one thing to mention is that we have revisited the plot and it has been changed completely, the same concept but with quite a few changes. One being a wheel of fortune which randomises the scenario you will be put in.


Hey Guys,

We have moved over here Candidate 3 (WIP- Live Demo 36k Words or... 114 pages) so please press the link and follow the action with a brand new update!

Could a mod please close this? Thank you!

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