Candidate 3 (WIP- Live Demo 36k Words or... 114 pages)

Just a quickie…

So currently I am in the process of creating a choicescript with @Kelvin. In our game there will be a chance for you (The Main Character) to beat our crazy imaginary world. Sound great? We know. We are thinking about allowing the player to then go out and kill the other players ‘hunger-games style’ (maybe… not quite). Should the people be static? Meaning the person is the same person every time or should we randomize them? Allowing the person to be just a random NPC as well and just causing trouble for the player as they will be seen as a murder by others nearby. Up side is that it will make it more interesting but unfortunately will also make it more difficult to create a solid guide.

(What do you think?)

The Plot
Potential Spoilers…

The plot goes as follows; you have been selected at “random” from the population to participate in a government-run game show where you and four other candidates are placed in chairs and you are “hypnotized” and put through 4 different scenarios with another 4 candidates. Because you are not actually in the situation and it is just your brain, you are allowed to change gender, name, race or even species (depending upon the scenario) in each scenario. This may even be wise to do so as winning is based upon who lives the longest and some candidates might take a scorched earth strategy. Also injuries inflicted within a scenario is also inflicted upon the person within the ‘real realm’ so be careful with what you choose as it may leave you in a dodgy situation. Your relationships with the other candidates also effect how they interact with you in world and out of world, depending on their background it is possible that this may also lead them into doing things differently. The game will be won through points which will be earned by how successful one is in the said scenarios. At the end, the points will be viewed and the person with the most point is the obvious winner and the rest… well… they bite the dust. EVERY scenario matters. ALL pathways to success are eligible. Maybe be evil and sabotage the other candidates success? Or be a goody two-shoes and hope to try and get everyone on side? Or play the game as YOU would do if you was in our world.

The story will follow the following sequence:

Prelude (doesn’t change), randomize all scenarios
Scenario 1
Interlude (Slightly changes depending on pre-selections)
Scenario 2
Interlude (Slightly changes depending on pre-selections)
Scenario 3
Interlude (Slightly changes depending on pre-selections)
Scenario 4
Postlude (Slightly changes depending on pre-selections)

This version may have some parts that will not be in the final version;

The ability to choose to play individual games.

At the moment we have no difference in the scenarios depending on their order, but we plan to add technical changes which will vary depending on made choices.

We are planning on making more than 4 possible scenarios. We already have 3 scenarios started, not finished mind you, and ideas for more. Each scenario will last at least two chapters, most if not all, will be longer than two chapters. We also have very loose plans for a sequel.

~Please note some scenarios have been held back as they are in the editing stages (even through our editing there may still be mistakes!) and we hope to release new scenarios in the next update.

There ARE spelling and grammar errors, continuity errors and parts that just don’t make sense. We want to know all your thoughts on our game good and bad! Message one or both of us personally if you don’t want to post publicly.

This story is making use of @JLBH’s (aka @ImagineAWorldWhere) old wips. Some parts that need to be edited may not be edited yet and will seem out of place.

Note- We only plan on allowing the player to choose to play specific scenarios during testing. When released we plan to only have the option to play with randomized scenarios. We are undecided whether we will put in the option to allow the player to choose specific scenarios or not in the released version…

Q & A
Q: Are you looking for more game ideas?
A: Certainly, if you have an idea that we believe would fit into our game, with your permission, we would love to add another scenario. Please note; I keep a relatively close watch on the game idea thread on this forum, if it is on there I probably have read it already.

Q: Are you planning on allowing RO’s?
A: Yes, there will be opportunities in most if not all scenarios and in the real world.

Q: What is a scorched earth policy/strategy?
A: When you attempt to kill everyone, hoping that by doing so you eliminate some or all of your enemies.

Q: Will there be romance?
A: Yes there will certainly be a chance within certain scenarios. In world possibly. You will have to wait and see.

Q: How many scenarios will be made?
A: Welp. We don’t know. But certainly over five!

Q: Will all the scenarios be at a high quality?
A: We hope so. We go through a lot of vigorous testing and playthroughs to make sure that it is as enjoyable as possible.

Q: Have you guys wrote choicescripts before?
A: Yep. @ImagineAWorldWhere’s latest WIP is The Hypnotist and @Kelvin’s latest was The Legend Begins. However we have both dabbled at writing before. And we have decided to merge our ideas into one.

Change Log

08/04/2016 ~ 20:23:35s - First version of Candidate 3 and Version 3.1.0 of demo.
11/04/2016 ~ ~Added @CJW’s save mod. Huge thanks to him for making that.
~Added part of the conversation with candidate 1
~Added more achievements
~Edited a little

(More to be added later…)

Link to the game…

Please leave a like (:heart:) if you enjoy it, and let us know how you feel about it. Thank you for all your support! Much love!

Jordan and Kevin <3


Well, after playing the demo , the game can certainly can be described as “interesting” :smile:

I like the idea of game show themed choicescript games , so it gets a thumbs up from me ! Plus that using dead (?) WiPs as “scenarios” is genius !

Minding the ocasional mispelling and the need to smoothen the edges / polish the game , I look forward to more :grin:



Wow man thank you!

Yeah all these amazing games going to waste its sad to see them go…

Hopefully we can weed out the spelling later


Nice to have the new thread up.

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Yep it is. A lot of changes but hopefully they work

Update Time
Kelvin has managed to…

~Add @CJW’s save mod. Huge thanks to him for making that.
~Add part of the conversation with candidate 1
~Add more achievements
~Edited a little
(This will be added to the change log also)


Great idea, though these wips inside the wip have like a 0% chance of failure. Make sure you do a lot of writing and story building between the sub-wips to make up for their short nature, and if I were you, to make the best of it, I’d tether every sub-wip choice to something happening in the alpha-wip, which would superfy replayablity. That’s really all the advice I have, I’m looking forward to seeing more from this


Yeah we know. We just copied and pasted the old wips over and coded as far as required to get them running. They were partial games then so now they are even more work.The hard core editing will be taking place over the next millennium.

We will be doing a lot of more writing to each story and each scenario will last many chapters. Hopefully they will not be described as “short” once they are finished.

we are one step ahead of you :wink:


Thanks Spidey.

Yep we are hoping to make the WiPs change depending on the character interaction you have done with the other candidates but that will more likely be in the more distant future


Hey guys,

Quick update
Quick personal update from myself. I am afraid I won’t be able to write much if any for the next month or so as my finals happen a month today so my free time will be extremely limited. However after that I have 2 and a half months of chill so I will be able to pick it up again.



Good luck with your final’s :smiley:


Thank you man, hopefully it goes well. Finger crossed I don’t fail English :wink:

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Yo guys,

Just thought to let you know that I am still alive from the monstrosity which is GCSE’s/FINALS and that I only have 13 exams left and then… and then I have 3 months of nothing so roll on the 17th June and my freedom!

Thanks for being patient,



Hey guys since the last update was about 2 months ago I’ve decided to post a little teaser from a new scenario/challenge which will be added in the next update, The teaser comes from Silent Waters… I hope you enjoy!


The smell of strong liquor singes your nose, the chatter of slurred voices swarm into your ears and the taste of lemons linger on your lips. You stare towards the back of the spirit-drenched bar as a young, vibrant host hops between customer after customer. Gold coins with seven waves lap across the sun-kissed face as they dance across the oak bench. Tricorne hats perch on burly men and strapping women as the green and white glass beads roll down the yellow stained shirts. Gaslights flicker in the corners of the rooms and a fire spits and spats sparks of charred bark as it dies on cold, stone slabs. Whalebone corsets and black trousers with the odd brown, leather boot are scattered on solid wooden steps leading to a seedy second floor. A gust of wind roars into the room as the solid, battered, wooden door flies on its hinges into the beams of the tavern. The gaslights morph into the heads of snakes as vicious silhouettes, which licks on to the lime-lead paint. An imposing figure looms in front of the door frame. A deep, pale scars runs down the persons face, from their left eye to their left lip, as they stalk the room with scrutinising gaze. A thin, deadly rapier clings to their hips, hovering just above their black-heeled boots. A scroll is squirreled within their grasp as they take a strong powerful stride into the room. The snakes have nestled back into their nest as an orange haze returns, a long manicured bearded dangles at the front of his red velvet waist coat. It’s no-other than the infamous Captain Sevren Bladesweild. Captain of the ship Silent Waters. His name strikes fear into the hearts of many a sailor and a pirate. Many view him greater than the legendary Captain Blackbeard. A heart as cold as the storm but with the mind as smooth as calm waves. A mention for his success would be his loyal crew whom some are yet to succumb to the depths of Davy Jones. However, his latest venture has led to many to become partners of the harrowing ghost ship, The Flying Dutchman, which reel in the souls sacrificed by the living. On his left is his right-hand woman. A woman who many have longed for but are yet to grasp. With the charm of a siren but with the deadliness of a Kraken is a woman who, if you cross, many would say is worse than the Captain Bladesweild himself. This woman is Lieutenant Catherine Tideswrath. Dressed in a black waistcoat which hugs her lean frame, a corset which grabs her more and more into her tall frame. A pearl white blouse and dark brown leather boots reach her thigh; as tight trousers fill the remaining space on her leg. Long black hair flows down just past her shoulders, as crimson red lips fold in a knowing smirk. Blue eyes shine of her pale, clean completion.

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I can’t wait!!! You guys rule!

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We do try XD
Silent Waters so far has been quite fun to write

Hey man, good luck with your exams, the GCSEs are really not too bad, you’ll do fine

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Hopefully! Just 4 more to go, can’t wait for Friday!