A Psychological Thriller -The Hypnotist (OPEN DEMO LIVE)

The Hypnotist

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Hello Coggers;

I hope you are all well and ready to watch the development of The Hypnotist, a psychological thriller that will hopefully see your wits tested and your mind warped between worlds, times and realities.

Potential Spoilers?

Main Character is captured along with 5 other ‘Candidates’. The protagonist tells them that this room a (glass box) is limbo. The Hypnotist gives them all the same scenario’s in which they all get put into, (the character’s in the room feature as the allies in the scenario). The objectives within a scenario is to find the moral message which will be hinted at by a certain character within the scenario. The candidates have two lives, 50/50 chance of life and ‘elimination’. The MC aims to make it to the final stages, in event hopefully participating in all four scenarios to be worthy of ‘The Enlightenment’.

So hopefully I have wet your appetite. The game is in its planning stages, with a playable demo being relatively far off due to upcoming exams.

Just to finish off, I hope you guys are interested in coming along for a hell of a ride!


So here we have a demo, its relatively short but it helps you get a feel for the game, more has been written just we aim to finish the whole section before coding. Please give any grammatical errors or just any general improvements. Hope you enjoy!




Mysteries are always fun, and the basic plot summary sounds good.

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Awesome man, hopefully you will enjoy!

Oh man!That sounds so interesting !:smiley: And the plot certainly is different from the other games.Can’t wait for the demo.:slightly_smiling:

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Great, I hope you enjoy @Unicornswillcry


Hey guys, I have some good news for you. My friend who I know well has decided to come along and join me as a Co-Writer so hopefully things will progress quicker adding a different touch into the works!



It sounds thrilling… hehehe… I’ll show myself out :).
But yeah, it really does sound interesting, I’ll definitely check it out when you’ve got a taste for us!



Progress is running fairly well at the moment, hopefully I can thrill you with psychological sophistication. (This is getting out of hand) @FalconXCII

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Another update!

Also guys, I forgot to mention that Kelvin has kindly offered to code for us, so now everything is set!



Hello, I realised I haven’t posted in while but heres your pdate.

Currently the story is around 2.5k words and halfway through chapter 1 so a demo could be expected relatively soon!




So guys a bit of big news for you! First of all we are shouting out for any people who want to take part in our closed pre-alpha testing, we are looking for people who can spot grammatical errors and any story pointers. In a months time we aim to have a whole chapter ready and mistake free for the open testing. This will be the format for all testing with a closed alpha first and then open testing.

So if anyone is interested in testing in a closed alpha now, we have a half a chapter ready which is needing testing, so post on this thread or message me and we will get in touch.

Thank you


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Alternatively you can contact me via jlhughes29@icloud.com, just ensure you post with your COG name so I know!

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So guys, we have decided to release the demo, hopefully you will enjoy, more information is on this opening page of this thread


I think the link you posted is for private viewing. If I remember correctly you need to change the “dl” part of the link to www for it to be public.

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My apologies its this one



Thank you for letting me know!

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ok. I got through what you posted. It has a Hunger games vibe to it; very fast paced. It can continue to develop well but it is a demanding task-master to write to.

Good start; more needs to be there for better feedback. As an interest check, it made the cut.


Glad your enjoyed it, at the moment it is relatively quick as I want the reader to get to the scenarios as they are the main aspects of the game

However the next update will be play through with the questions will slow the pace down quite a bit as there is a hell of a lot of options in that part


Hey all I’m Kelvin (obviously) and I’m helping @ImagineAWorldWhere and @febuardo by coding this story. Anyway we are going to switch over to dashingdon.com to host our demo

(Working demo above)

If it doesn’t work please let me know. Within an hour or so I will be updating this demo correcting a few minor spelling mistakes. But there will be no new content.

This will eventually be put in the top message but as @ImagineAWorldWhere and I live in different time zones that may take a while. Thank you for your patience!


Change log:
Changed canidate 3 to candidate 3.
Changed “menacing” to “inquisitive”.
Edited the first three paragraphs.

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Content Update

Just to let you know where we currently are. At the moment me and Febuardo are in the process of writing the play through with candidate number 1. This section will include 6 main options with numerous sub options. Now, what we had planned is to release the next update with all pathways complete. Would you guys prefer to see the candidate 1 playthrough first? Or wait for the rest of the options to be complete but this could take at least a month due to exams and such. Please bare in mind candidate 1 play through will include a lot of content.

Please let us know, so we can make sure its finished in the next few days!