A Murder of Crow(s) a Concept for a WIP

A while back irule9344 posted a thread titled “the best game ever” in which it was suggested that @Vendetta @Nocturnal_Stillness @JimD and @CJW collaborate to create a game of epic proportions. In one of his posts on the thread @Nocturnal_Stillness joked about a possible title to this game, created by putting together the names of all their respective works into one. This lead to several storyline ideas based on that title. So to make a long story short an idea formed in the back of my mind and I wish to share it with you, so here it is:

The protagonist, Crow, a man who had connections to the mafia, was murdered. He is dead, or at least he should be. For some reason he is still alive, not as much the man he used to be but still very much alive, he has come back as a “shell” what could be described as a walking, thinking, talking dead guy. With the aid of Jet, his newfound farmiliar, for there is really not much else to describe her as, he must discover just what in the HELL is going on and unravel the mystery… Not to mention getting his revenge as an added bonus.
*Note: the full demo for ROTP will be finished first before I start a demo for this one.


You forgot to add me into there, zombies are @JimD and sentient zombies is me

Well he ain’t exactly a zombie or a sentient zombie. Especially since he has a farmiliar.

… a thinking zombie is a sentient zombie… and plus i was in the conversation
Sorry for delay was deleting spam e-mail’s :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a point… But he’s not a sentient zombie he’s a “shell”

So… Crow’s a guy on the Border of life and death? Like a Ghost maybe?

Not exactly, well sort of, that’s probably the best way to describe him but he is more physical than that, as in he retains his previous physical form, but with noticeable changes, such as deathly pale skin color, lightly glowing eyes etc. besides for the fact that he has more power than a ghost as Is demonstrated by the fact that he has a sort of familiar @Happy

Would this game be gender-locked?

In a way, The characters will always be the same, but it will be styled after Heavy Rain in the fact that it will have shifting perspectives and outcomes for each character.

So sort of @LOR

Sounds interesting. Easily my favorite part of the description is “He’s alive, just not as much as he used to be”. I think that should be the tagline.

Sounds cool

Well is there anything in particular you guys would like to see from this game?

An Easter egg nod to the hitman level of the same name :-))

What if the dead try to pull you to into he’ll any chance they can get from
Shadows, dreams, mirrors, under beds

Edit: Yeah I played that mission a bazillion times

I PLAYED BLOODMONEY!!! Hell yeah! Heck I’ll even throw in a scarecrow level lol @Pale_Strider

Hmmm, a house of mirrors level? Creepy and cool. Shadows of the damned level? Heck yeah! And dreams… Ohhhh how about a getting high sequence like in Far cry 3

I like the way you think @Pale_Strider

And if you keep idle for to long you become the devils play thing
Until you realize what’s going on

Hmm I just though of something, how about Crow was a hitman for the mafia that’s how he got his ties to them… Makes for an interesting story and a badass character…

And I love the concept of bringing hell and the devil inta this, I can smell a dash or two of Devil May Cry being thrown into the mix.