Afterlife (WIP)


I need a small group of beta testers for the following concept:

You’re dead. You can choose three unique paths with multiple endings.
1: You were murderered and are unable to cross over due to unfinished business. In addition to developing your skills, you’ll have to recover your memory, determine how you died (possibly multiple ways), track down those who wronged you and determine if you’re going to seek revenge or forgive them.
2: Free-roam: you can just enjoy being a spirit. You interact with other supernatural beings. Your actions will determine whether you are a good or evil spirit. It’s your decision whether you help, harm or just scare. You might even be able to rejoin the living.
3: You were a murderer when alive and now that you’re dead, you have to stay one step ahead of the shadows hunting you, while seeking redemption.

Skills include:
Veilsight - ability to see into the world of the living.
Lifesight - ability to track a specific living person.
Telekinesis - physically interact with the material world. More adept users will be able to use pyrokinesis.
Energy: your power supply. it can be used to heal or harm the living, or you can simply draw from and manipulate appliances.
Possession: influence or outright control the living.
Astral projection: phase between the spirit and material planes to travel instantly, or possibly move through time/world barriers (contingent on plot development).

I prefer testers who are as critical as I am about grammatical and continuity errors and who won’t tiptoe when giving their viewpoint. Feel free to be harsh; I respect straight-dealers.

Game Link:


Are you writing three dinstinct stories in one game?


Yeah I’m in. Don’t worry I’ll be critical about everything


Sign me up.

That said, random question: is there any room for overlap between the three?



Unique, but similar. There will be some overlap, especially at the beginning.


I’m afraid due to other commitments, I must withdraw my application.


The demo is currently under two thousand words. I’ve only been working on it four days, during my spare time, and much of the first day was spent reading the Choicescript wikipedia.

… and it’s too late to edit the clones now.


How does everyone know how many words there story has? Do they count them


The word-count function in most word processors help.


Can I be a beta tester, in my own opinion I’m pretty good at it.


I’m good at detecting grammar issues, so I can help too. Sign me up :slight_smile:


I can haz beta spot?


I’ll message a link tonight. I need to fix an error that cuts one of the demo’s paths short, but can’t right now.


Sounds good to me if you still need some testers


I want to be a beta tester… If there still open.


me too fella…


I’d love to be a beta tester if it’s still open.


I’m available if you need an extra




Sure thing! Though with this many people, I’m considering setting up a link just for the demo and posting it in the thread. Otherwise, I’ll message the link.

Either way, I’ll have it ready in a few hours. The error is fixed, but I’m working on a constantly-updating text description and am waiting until that’s ready.