A Dog's Life (WIP)


i know it just wasn’t in the old demo


Because the old demo never went far enough. Actually glad it didnt or i woild have a crap ton more to change


So some update. Not anything big, but you guys might like it.

Mutts can now be randomized. Coat length & texture, tail length & type, and now coat & eye colors! 48 different coats are in the randomizer, so try it & see!
Exotic & wild/hybrid breeds now have coat & eye colors, & purebreds are halfway finished!
4 separate & random mother scenes for purebreds, & 4 separate & random mother scenes for mutts! (They are not finished yet, but I have the scene file separated & ready for when I start them)
This game is now parallel with A Cats Life! Major events are now shared, & there will be at least 3 achievements for meeting your alternate character! I will eventually hold a drawing to describe the character from each game!


Wow that’s great! Awesome job :smile:


So today I’m working on finishing the pelts for the purebreds & updating any changed stats in the wild mother scenes, & then I will actually upload it to Dashingdon.com!

Wolves, wolfdogs, coyotes, & coydogs will be able to play through their mother scenes but none of the others are finished yet (& some have not been started).


Can you create so that you can live the life of a military dog if you want to


Well, the rescue branch is like a National Guard Dog. I’ll look into what military dogs do & think about a military branch.


A new post has been made for the game.


I really enjoyed this story as I didn’t expect to but you proved me wrong and will definitely keep watching this and I am looking forward to further updates. I have played a few different breeds already and while playing the pitbull this came up.


Bug found


Those bugs have been fixed but this thread has been moved to a different thread for the new version of the game