180 Files: The Aegis Project (spy/thriller) (new short demo 24 Feb)

Note: This game won the CoG Contest and will be released on the Choice of Games label. The game has now been submitted!

NEW DEMO (chapter 1 and 2 only)

You are Agent 180, an international man/woman/person of mystery working for a spy agency. Working your first field mission since a personal tragedy occured, you are suddenly reassigned to investigate the suspicious death of a one-time informer. The dead man worked for a secretive biotech company, one who is just about to release a new product. The more you look into the situation, the more it seems that darker forces are working behind the scenes.


Are there romances in this game?/Who are the romances?

C’mon, I know you’re thinking it :stuck_out_tongue:

Vicki Valdez (female, pan/bisexual) (this-game romance)
Vicki is a reporter, chasing a story in the same company that you’re investigating. She’s ambitious and determined to get to the truth - but will she be a help or a hinderance to your own investigation?

Gareth Li (male, pan/bi) (this-game)
Gareth works in the company’s PR department and is the press liason for the company’s new launch. He’s cheerful, friendly and deeply devoted to his employer

Hex Hanson (non-binary, pan/bi) (this game)
Hex is a scientist at the company - they’re also the child of the CEO and founder, Hercules Hanson. Hex is a feisty young genius.

Well, on the pros side, Angel’s attractive, adventurous and endlessly confident. On the cons side, they’re vicious, manipulative, morally bankrupt, and work for your worst enemy. The MC may like what they see, but appearances are so very deceptive.

Content warnings

This game will contain moderate violence of a somewhat stylised/action-movie type, and mild sexual innuendo.

If you pick ‘hand’ as the trauma background, there will be a vaguely-described torture scene and discussion of lingering trauma.


Honestly, I loved Angel Eyes and I’ve been excited for more ever since I played it so I’m already won over. I also love the idea of our MC being truamtized and that we can pick what happened to them. I agree that total blank states can be boring, and giving the MC more personality makes them really feel like they are part of the world.

Also I think I love Agent 100 so if I can’t have a love-hate-sexual tension relationship with Angel can Agent 100 at least be pan? Please? Agent 313 is also pretty cute, it’s pretty endearing that they’re so nervous about their first big mission.

I like the simple way stats are set up. I always find that having a million stats to keep track of can be more hassle than it’s worth. I would like to know if we can ride the middle for some of them (like emotional and composed) or if it would be best to pick a side and stay with it.


I’ve gotten only through the first few pages but I swear I’ve played this before. Are you re-making an old project?


Sort of! Chapter One of this is a reworked version of Angel Eyes, which is a short story I put on the forums several months ago. Chapter Two onwards is entirely new :slight_smile:


So… Can I romance Angel and join the dark side? I hear they have amazing cookies :imp:


Angel is a romance option, but it’s a very bad idea.


And here I was hoping for a nice loving love/hate relationship. Angel is too enticing to resist. :disappointed_relieved:


That’s the idea :smiling_imp:

Ok, to be more clear; if you want an actual romantic romance then Angel is not the one to go for. You can get them to respect you, you can get them to kind of value having you around, but nothing’s ever going to be unconditional because that’s not how Angel works.


Hey! I love your other project, as I’m not sure I’ve mentioned so when I saw you had smth else up, I was excited :~) I like this a lot, as it stands, but smth that bothered me was that we are purportedly fairly seasoned, but still chose to trust Angel? Whom you’ve known for all of a day (I think?) and works for the crook you’re trying to sniff out? Because they seemed believably distressed? IDK, that was smth tht spoiled immersion for me, and seemed unlikely. We should have been way more suspicious of any such character, TBH (unless we are, for whatever reason, hugely desperate, which wasn’t communicated).


I mean, you’ve got a point. I had a thought that 180 probably did a quick background check on Crystal/Jet/Jasper and they seemed to check out obviously faked by DIABLO though) But to a certain extent it’s necessary - I’m not sure how it would turn out if 180 could target the right suspect.

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With emotional/composed there might be benefits to keeping in the middle. There’s some benefits ti either side of the scale, but also drawbacks - at the extremes it turns into emotional outbursts vs repressed.

With the other opposing stats, choosing a side is a better idea.


I liked the demo. Good job! Though I was a bit sad that Crystal turned out to be Angel as I was started to consider her trusty ally. Good luck!:grin:


I like agents games they seem awsome like hitman was but got very repetitive


Really love this so far. The writing is clear and straightforward with quite a few gems, like “Most of what she tells you is lies. Most of what you tell her is lies. It’s all very pleasant.” or the Proust part :laughing:

The characterisation of the MC is also done really well, I think, giving a variety of choices that allows for personalisation.

Did anything seem confusing or disjointed at any point?

Seems reasonably paced as far as action stories go. The debrief, however, was rather sudden - and then after such a busy night the MC considers R&R but ultimately chooses to go the training room? :thinking: Seemed a bit too fast-paced there,

Just out of curiosity, how technical is it going to get? The gadgets are always interesting in any spy story, and it sounds like there’s a lot of potential for that here, especially with the biotech aspects as well.


Passport, visa, driving licence, plane ticket, all under Alexs name.

Average height and build, aged around thirty, with black hair is drawn back in cornrows.

(also, will you be continuing with Awoken?)


Thank you!

Good point. Maybe I’ll think about beefing up thay section with a choice of what to do (considering 180 got sucker punched and drugged, a visit to a medic may not be amiss)

I should say right now that any gadgetry is going to be based more on Rule of Cool than actual scientific plausibility :smile: hence the x-ray glasses.

Yes! Don’t worry. I’ll get back to Awoken when this is done.

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Also, poll about MCs, because I’m curious

What career background did you choose?

  • Detective
  • Thief
  • Army

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What angst background did you choose?

  • Dead parents
  • Dead fiancee
  • Lost a hand

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But but…:pouting_woman:


Go for 313. Much nicer :slight_smile:

I only have a couple minutes, so I will update this post when I’m able to spend more time writing about how amazing this demo is, because it’s outstandingly good. Don’t get me wrong, but I have a question to ask about Agent 100. It’s stated that he’s mid to late 50s, but…I feel like from a practical standpoint, that might be pushing it a bit? Is it possible to bring him down to his 40s instead? He’d still be on the older side, but at the same time it’s still very believable that he can be a physically competent and active field agent.


Thank you :blush:

The thing is that 100 being 50+ is kind of important to his character arc. You will find out later that he is kind of flagging, he is on the verge of retiring or getting moved into a less physically demanding role (probably would have been already if he wasn’t a legend). And obviously he kind of has Issues about that, and that wouldn’t be the same if he was 40ish.