Most anticipated HG WIP?


Wayhaven 2
Fallen hero: Retribution
Neon Freak
Vendetta: rise of a gangester
The shadow society

And many others that haven’t been updated in forever sadly :pensive:


Definitely villian the catalyst by toxic dreams it’s very well written


All of them!! But most anticipated? Golden Eagle by @Goshman. Keep replaying it and loving it. It’s closed on temporary hiatus but SO good!


Ohoho? A thread to talk about the games that we anticipate? - I’m in. searches her list Hmm… Neon Freak, Fallen Hero: Retribution, God of the Red Mountain, A Dog’s Life, A Hag Called Fate, A ‘Regular’ Life in New York, Apex Predators, Atheina: A Story of the Gods, Circus of Noir, The Vampire Regent, 神龍之土 Land of the Dragon, Grand Aera Online, Lost Child: Fantasy, The Vampire Courts, Of Gods and Mortals, SoS: The Mortal Coil, Monsters of New Haven High, Y U G E N 幽玄, The Wright King, Supernatural in New York, Keeper of the Sun and Moon… And more… :smile: I just so happy to talk about them! So excited!


Shepherds of Haven by @rinari
SoS Mortal Coil by @Dae-kalina
Fox of Sunholt by @smod
Warlock City by @Revache
A Mortal Hero by @Oli_C
A Witches curse by @Rosemary_and_sage
Law-Abiding Citizens by @smolpirate
and The Enchanters Misery by @Samuel_H_Young
How could I forget Atheina: A story of the Gods by @Darkner
and The Wight King by @bl00dragon


I can practically say that I second Moon_Blink in half of their choices.
For I am among the ones that would say she is looking forward to book two of the Wayhaven series.
‘Fallen Hero: Retribution’ is on my list as well, as is ‘Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights’. There is also ‘Bright Eyes, Black Blood’ which I am really looking forward to. Not to forget ‘The Aegis Project’!
These five are some mighty good titles, in my opinion!

Though my all-time favourite is Guenevere.

That series (for it will be a work of seven books) is what brought me on this site and what I look forward to most of all. I would give the writer the moon to see that series completed and playable.

All of the titles in a neat row with a link:

Guenevere, by Jeantown.
The Wayhaven Chronicles book Two, by Seraphinite.
Bright Eyes, Black Blood, by Leda.
Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights, by Snoe.
Fallen Hero: Retribution, by Malinryden.
The Aegis Project, by Scribblesome.


There are several stories I look forward to that have already been mentioned but I would like to throw Til Death Do Us Part into the ring as well.


I am happy to mention Breach the archangel job by @MichaelMaxwell so thanks


Life of a Mercenary
The War for the West
The Sea Maiden
The Wight King
The Operative: Fires of Revolution
they are just a few the list would be way to long if i put them all here.


@Djone1 I am so flattered right now, this made my day!

As for my most anticipated WIPs… Well a lot of them have already been said. I’m looking forward to the sequels for both Fallen Hero and the Wayhaven Chronicles.

I’m also extremely exited for Model Citizen: Unmasked by @RenaB and RaTio:The Seraphica by @FoxalypticWorld ! There are others I’m really anticipating too, but those are the ones I can recall off the top of my head.


the lack of Lords of Infinity in this thread shames CoG as a whole


oh, and Samurai of Hyuga. We gotta have that


Diaspora has to be my favorite so far



(Thanks for the shout-outs for Apex Predators and Shepherds of Haven, @Djone1 and @LikeGames! :smiley:)


Wayhaven Chronicles book 2, Freak amidst the neon lights, From Ashes We Rise, Monsters of New Haven High and Vendetta Rise of a gangster


Definitely Fallen Hero: Retribution. Simply cannot wait for it to be completed and finally come out, and every time I read through the WIP I always want to know what happens next. For that reason, I both love and hate Malin at the same time, a bit like how I feel about Ortega. :grin:


Wayhaven 2, Guenevere, Shepherds of Haven, Fallen Hero, Shadow Society

These are my top but there’s a couple more that I’ve been looking at too. There’s a whole bunch of really cool WIPs out right now!

Thank you @SabrinadizaLS and @LikeGames for the shout out :hugs:


There are actually a lot… and is it right to assume most WIP here will be published under HG?

  1. The Shadow Society by @Carawen
  2. The Aetherian Spell Academy by @Karlan
  3. Curse of The spirit by @aequa
  4. Life of Mercenary by @Jerieth
  5. The Enchanter’s Misery by @Samuel_H_Young
  6. The Operatives : Fire of Revolution by @spytim
  7. Model Citizen Unmasked by @RenaB
  8. Warlock City by @Revache
  9. Law Abiding citizen by @SmolPirate
  10. Vendetta by @Vendetta
  11. Supernatural in New York


I am still anticipating From Ashes We Rise and, probably, forever will. Replay it sometimes. :sweat_smile:
Actually, my list is quite long. But for the more or less recent:

All I could remember right now.