Asexuality in COG/HG Romances

In terms of published games*, I thought Heroes of Myth handled aceness really well. Choice of Magics and Blackstone Academy both also addressed it directly, although I found flaw with both of them (Blackstone still allowed romance, but being ace locked out more physical affection than I’d have liked; Magics just had a couple pretty awkwardly written moments).

My favorite WIP in terms of ace content is A Thousand Miles of Sky, which has a romantic ace RO and a really good conversation about aceness with them.

And it’s currently in beta, but the posted demo of the first two chapters of 180 Files includes really good options for an ace MC–including whether they’re demisexual or aro/ace.

*That I have played and where the handling of aceness stuck with me, I’m sure there are gaps in my knowledge.