1542: Rise of the Witchhunter

Better hope the original witchhunter replies…


This contribution is amazing. If I ever get back to this I’ll definitely take this into account. Thanks for the content.

  • I like the language tweaks you suggest.
  • Haha my 7 domains are kind of arbitrary and I still need to work them out (with regards to Hermeneutics/Liturgy distinction)
  • I didn’t want to use the word Theology as in my mind it’s too common/obvious, while Hermeneutics/Liturgy sound more novel and cool imo.
  • With regards to your renaming suggestions: it’s cool and coherent + Latin so I very well might choose to use this.
  • With regards to Occultism, I didn’t actually know what it was and had a rather childish view of it fed to me by media. I now have a better view of what Occultism objectively is and I will probably take that into account.
  • And I like your suggestion for Providence, it seems holistic.

(Second Comment)

  • I am not going to make Lust and Chastity mutually exclusive (or any of the other opposing pairs). If you want to play as a Horny Nun (High Lust + High Chaste) that should be an option. If you want to play as a Low Confidence Megalomaniac (High Modesty + High Pride), that is an option as well.
  • Thanks for the bit on the Templars. Maybe I can implement them in the plot.
  • Haha lol I should have known Budapest did not exist back then. Buda was the artistocrat/old city, and Pest was the commoners/plebian side if I remember correctly. (Been to Budapest twice).
  • Hmmm… I understand that, being a Hungarian you would want a paragraph like that (“Buda, once proud capitol of Hungary … Now capital of Ottoman Hungary”). However, my knowledge of history is amateur/fun level, and if I go into this level of detail I will have to do the same for Poland and Spain and The Netherlands et cetera. I want to give every option equal (sparse; not too elaborate) treatment. Otherwise I’ll be creating a bottleneck for myself down the road. It’s still a game and not a history lesson haha.


I’m currently busy with other stuff. But one day writing/finishing this is still on my bucket list. So maybe one day I’ll come back to this. I can’t say when. (I’ve been working on developing discipline last few months so I can actually finish the shit I start)… Stay posted and maybe someday I’ll be able to resume work on this project.

(I get email notifications whenever someone posts in this thread so I haven’t forgotten).



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That’s a good point. I want to make like a solid customisation template (so I can use it in other games if I wanted to). You are right. I should add physical customisation as well, even though making all those choices are kind of a hassle haha. So…

Age: (just an input number)
Body Type: Athletic/Thick/Ectomorph/Adonis etc…
Eye Color: Blue/Green/etc…
Height: (just input amount of centimeters)
Hair Type: Curly/Straight/Long/Short
Hair Color: Brown/Black/Auburn
Face: Fair/Homely/Comely/Thin/Ugly

It’s a good point but I’d have to work out the details of what option I should offer.

There are some slight problems with adding all of this customization, though. For example, you have a mentor in the beginning, and what if you are older than your mentor? Probably what I will do is the same thing I did for the option of being a woman:

It’s an option but it will have little impact on the story.

the mentor thing is easy.

ether set a max age for the character that is below x amount of years from your youngest mentor.
between this and that age you know.

the woman / man thing you would think that would matter a bit more seeing the time frame your working with, but hey its your game.

Not a huge issue, but my horse’s name becomes my new last name in the stats. So let’s say I name my character John Pancake, then I name my horse doe. Once I look in the stats, my character’s name appears as John Doe, when it should appear as John Pancake. Also this probably sounds weird, but any chance we could choose what our character is wearing? I always pictured my character wearing something like this: http://tinyurl.com/oxyzuz6. Also equally weird request, but will we eventually be able to carry more than two weapons?

if you need some poems,or songs or help with testing game PM me.
i will gladly help

All credit to Croatans being highly worth of credit, but I don’t think we have any information to justify claiming any group was “the finest” beyond doubt.

And that prayer seems limited to some areas, not all Protestants everywhere in Europe.

The name of my horse became my last name


What exactly do you mean by poems or songs? I don’t think there’s audio in these text based games lol. But I’d still like to hear what you want to say.


I’m pretty sure I said Magyar heritage.

I don’t see how any class of fighter can be objectively stronger, unless all Croatians were like 2 meters tall, buff, athletic, strong and had advanced motor skills and hand eye coordination by genetics… I’d imagine every country had a normal distribution of fighting aptitude, and obviously every country thinks their own warriors where da best.

(I do enjoy how this game provokes so much nationalistic fervor though lol)


I’ve heard this error come up twice now.

If I resume work on the game I will get this fixed.

Can’t promise anything RIGHT NOW though. :frowning:

That’s hardly all Protestants everywhere.

I’d support them getting bonuses for being known as fearsome warriors, but I don’t support them being treated as the unambiguous best. They’re not the only group praised by the Byzantines or the only ones to kill kings.


i meant as in text. essentially writen poems or songs. or perhaps speech of bishop etc. essentially the more poetic things in game, so if you want some of that in game i can help.

Really the only people that were larger than average, were the Vikings, they had a foot or more on most of the people on Earth, read some of the writings from Arabic merchants.

I’m glad my suggestions were helpful, and I await your return to the story.

As for names, as you were able to see I tried to make them coherent and still a bit mysterious, and even “Theology” sounds better if you say it in Latin :smile:

If you want to, we can discuss any topic to give you better insight, ideas.

Yes, “Providence” was meant to be that, combine assumed and real supernatural abilities.“Gifts from God” so to speak.

I would reconsider that part about opposites not being mutually exclusive. Your pick of “horny nun” would probably be just someone with high libido and a strong mind, willpower. I wouldn’t call someone with high modesty and pride a “low confidence megalomaniac” either. Being modest with a strong pride would be something like a monk who takes pride in his daily routines, the wine or cheese he makes, likes his simple brown robes, but gets easily offended if someone else speaks lowly of his actions, or let’s say the wine he made.

I just quickly wrote up a few city descriptions back then, and I wouldn’t mind to do the same for the other ones as well to have equally descriptive treatment for all of them for the setting. More detail in location descriptions help players to feel ‘home’ at the place and imagine it better.

I would also like to warn you from continuing to argue with “slavic warrior”, reading his comments and that about Hungarians being descendants of mongols shows a strong nationalistic tendency. Although some scary stories of Croatians being giant warriors may make it into some tales and rumors at the inn in the game, but for most time Hungarians and Croats were great friends until centuries later nationalism raised its ugly head in history.

I understand that a game, even if history based can’t describe and present every nation, ethnicity, place, culture. While I like Hungary is this time depicted I don’t rush into other threads to ask them to implement my own culture, and I hope others understand that if all of them would be represented in the game there would be 50+ locations and origins to pick from at the start of the game with no ‘meat’ to the stories. On the other hand who said there can’t be one or two characters from a certain background here or there? :smile:

In either case, as I read the topic I got back into the mood of this game and hope you Pilgrim will continue it once you have more time for it.

Studied history in 3 nations, have professor and politician contacts & friends. A close friend is a renown History Professor.

I’m Roland Ley btw and you can find me most often on Twitter, but I also use Facebook a bit since a month.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/roland.ley.75
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RolandLey

There you go. No faceless claims, you can check my background or even some of my contacts via Twitter & FB as nothing is set to private.

You make a few claims

  1. Croatians are more talented warriors then other nations
    I don’t think this is a claim you can quantify, how would you even go about doing this?

  2. They killed a Swedish King, therefore they are talented warriors
    Killing a King is not an amazing feat. Kings are just average humans like the rest of us.

  3. They were praised by a Byzantine Emperor in the 7th Century
    This sounds like a good argument. However this game takes place in the 16th Century, so I doubt the claim of an Emperor lasts so many hundreds of years. Also it’s still just an opinion. I also wonder to what extent the Croats of the 7th century were the same as the Croats of the 16th (DNA wise; didn’t the Turks intermingle?).

  4. Pandurs were 2 meters tall winning battles 20 to 1
    From what I know (playing Empire: Total War), Pandurs were military units that didn’t show up until the 18th century. So whether or not they won battles 20 to 1, they are not relevant for the time period of the 16th century.

  5. Magyars are Mongols
    Not sure if you’re trying to imply that being related to Mongols by definition means being inferior. But in any case the Mongols kicked ass, as did many of the other Steppe Hordes from that area (Huns; Magyars; Timurids). And possibly the people of Finland as well? In any case, horse riding Steppe peoples have a great military track record.

To tie things up, here’s why I’ve chosen Hungary for this game:

A) Van Helsing & Dracula
My game belongs to the fanfiction genre of ‘supernatural fiction’, as do the tale of Dracula and Van Helsing. This game is about Witchhunting. Van Helsing was not a Witchhunter per se, but he was close enough. Their story takes place in Transylvania, which is affiliated with Hungary.

B) Hungary was Catholic
Hungary has a historical track record of being a Catholic nation.

C) Hungary Is ‘Quirky’
This isn’t an objective argument, but because they have a quirky language (from the perspective of an Anglo-Saxon), they are original and a good addition. From my perspective, they are somewhat ‘alien’ and add variety to the gameplay options.

D) Hungary was relevant in the 16th Century
This game takes place in the 16th Century, and Hungary was an important battleground during the Ottoman Wars between the Sunni Muslims and the Catholics.

Now to conclude:

You have made me realize, though, that it would be a good idea to include a Slavic nation in the options, but I will opt for Russia, in this case the ‘Grand Duchy of Moscow’. This is also cool because Russia is on the verge of becoming a Tsardom (in 1547).

Another concession I might make: since I’ve only allowed 4 options for a mentor, I could probably add in a Croat mentor for the sake of variety. I’m still not going to make Croatia a starting nation, though.

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It’s always flattering to see new comments appear in my gmail, and YES, they do re-ignite my interest in continuing the game. I can’t promise anything big, but my game is still on my radar :slight_smile:


LOL you’re actually a twitter celebrity. I’m flattered you’ve taken interested in my game :slight_smile: