Zombie Fans, Rejoice!

Dead Man Walking, a free 2100-page zombie CYOA, has been released over at chooseyourstory.com. I’m just starting it myself, but everyone’s rated it very high so far.

I am not affiliated with chooseyourstory.com or the author in any way.

Are youuuu suuuureee ???

lol at @EndMaster 's cameo…

It’s a very very good piece of writing

Just started reading it. I’ll pass along word of it to readers of ZE. Thanks for pointing out the story.

I’ve started playing it. It’s really a lot of fun, and I agree. Lol @EndMaster’s cameo.

There’s a lot of text per-a-page, and it’s all well-written. I was even impressed by the number of choices offered. I know that’s slightly more difficult in a chooseyourstory game, so kudos to the author. I’m going to keep playing to see what ending I get.

I misspoke – It’s actually not strictly a CYOA game. It tracks 121 variables!

That explains a lot of its complexity then, haha


My game is also a zombie game

The game is pretty cool, though I don’t really enjoy the “Find your family” plot that much. I also wish I could find more survivors (who I could actually save) than just that little boy at the boat house.

The wife thing make me cringe a bit… But only because the ‘dear’ makes it seem like a very hollywood relationship I guess. And eh, it speeds up way to quick, she gets over her situation quite quickly; and I get the feeling the writer wasn’t comfortable writing the scenes. They just feel awkward. That or I’m a weird guy I suppose!

I liked it though. =D

So I…

Made it out of the subway without getting bit
Killed the screaming girl in the bathroom
Called my wife
Killed a zombie nun and nearly disturbed a bunch of cultists
Killed the kid at the boat club
Killed another zombie with acid saliva and looted a convenience store
Didn’t wake up the hell hound
Saw Uglick
Tried to run over simplesabley (LOL)
Set the giant abomination on fire
Saw zombie Bo
Smashed the convict’s head in
Killed my wife by accident (Don’t know how since I don’t remember getting bit)
Traded for a lot of guns
Shot a guy at the school complex
Looted the country club
Saved my daughters and lived.

Final Stats

Killed 26 Zombies
Killed 1 Drooler Zombie
Killed 1 Cannibal Gaunt Zombie
Killed 6 People (Don’t remember killing a 6th person on purpose or accidentally)
Saved 3 People (Me and my daughters I guess)

Yep, pretty cool game. I’ll certainly be replaying it.

@EndMaster Jeez, your play through certainly lives up to your writing. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, the parts where you kill lots of people.

Did you see your cameo?

Not yet, I’m sure I’ll find myself eventually though.